Fairness Camp/CFAIR Announces Endorsements

The Fairness Campaign’s Political Action Committee, CFAIR, has announced its various endorsements for the primary:

  • Councilman David Tandy – Mayor of Louisville, Democratic Primary
  • Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh – Metro Council District 9, Democratic Primary
  • William Cohen – Metro Council District 17, Democratic Primary
  • Mike Slaton – Kentucky House of Representatives District 41, Democratic Primary
  • Mike O’Connell – Jefferson County Attorney
  • Stephanie Pearce Burke – District Court Judge Division 14
  • Mark Abrams – County Judge Executive, Republican Primary
  • Curt Morrison – County Judge Executive, Democratic Primary

From the press release, here’s the organization’s bit about Tandy: In the Democratic Primary for Mayor, CFAIR endorses Councilman David Tandy, a longtime friend of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. This is his third endorsement by CFAIR. In his interview, Councilman Tandy set out a broad, vigorous, and enthusiastic vision for Louisville that included a strong focus on education and a balanced growth of local, independent small businesses alongside larger corporations. He spoke of the commonalities across neighborhoods, racial and ethnic backgrounds, and socioeconomic classes in the Metropolitan area and the practical considerations for moving Louisville forward.

13 thoughts on “Fairness Camp/CFAIR Announces Endorsements

  1. “CFAIR endorses Councilman David Tandy, a longtime friend of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.”

    Boy, if that doesn’t scream ‘ardent supporter of Jerry Abramson’ I don’t know what does!

  2. Jerry has always been oddly terrified of publicly aligning himself with anything “gay” – even when it has been the right thing to do.
    -I don’t think “County Judge Executive” has any duties; any salary? Just a title to use on a resume for actual political aspirations?
    -Yes, Jerry has certainly employed gay persons – but then so have a lot of other entities, whether they knew it or not. “Don’t ask, don’t tell” continues to survive across the board.

  3. So does David T deserve that endorsement more than the other Dems? Has he done or said something notable on that front? (Asking ’cause I really want to know, not to be snarky.)

  4. My understanding is that King said he would offer domestic partner benefits to his employees (of his private business). Allen said something similar. Fischer didn’t get close with his answer. Not sure what Tandy said.

    I think – regardless of politics and whom I support (no one knows cause I haven’t told anybody yet) – it’s clear that the Allen campaign takes LGBTQXYZ+-whathaveyou seriously and employs us scary gays. King takes em seriously and has us scary guys in his top positions. He’s more progressive than me on a few gay-related issues. Even Tandy takes us seriously. Lisa Moxley and I have had long conversations about issues of equality and she’s also a solid supporter. Same goes for Shannon White.

    The folks who don’t, apparently, take the scary gays seriously? Chris Thieneman and Hal Heiner. Which is terribly unfortunate. Cause in a general election, the gays aren’t going to take them seriously.

  5. I somehow can ever trust Dave Tandy when his lips are movin’… He is the consummate POL. Unlike fair hair Jerr he is not a very good salesman (after all Jerry could sell a blind man a pencil, a bum a tie clip, etc, etc).

  6. Come on C-fair community, David Build Build 2 Bridges Tandy, You’re better than that. I though good design was one of your community’s things. Just a reminder, the highlights of the ORBP include a 23 lane wide spaghetti junction, freeway ramps practically in Slugger Field’s outfield, a 60+ft quadruple stacked interchange on the downtown waterfront, a sloping flyover that starts at 60+ft tall and is 70 ft wider through waterfront park, a 4.1+billion price tag, and Tolls that defeat the whole purpose of the project; traffic flow. Louisville is the only city in the world currently planning on expanding an elevated waterfront expressway at a time when most cities are removing them. The ORBP will result in me and others choosing not to work and raise our families in the Louisville area. How many people do I need get to pledge to not live in Louisville, post ORBP, for you to change your position? 5,000, 10,000, 100,000?

  7. Obviously Stunoland is pissed off because Allen didn’t get the endorsement, based on his rant exclusively surrounding roads. These folks at fairness have no obligation to do anything other than what they want. If you disagree, fine. But don’t beat them up just because they dissgree with you. And if you were going to take exception with any of their endorsements, wouldn’t you think it be with the Curtis Morrison one? Seriously! The only thing Curtis does is make Burrell Farnsley look a bit more intelligent.

  8. I know Curt’s a candidate… but… he’s not a real candidate… so could we refrain from baseless personal attacks?

  9. I’m not pissed, just dissapointed. Many people consider the downtown portion of the Ohio River Bridges Project a deal breaker and will not live in this community if completed.

  10. Note that CFAIR’s endorsed candidate didn’t even show up at today’s WFPL forum on West Louisville issues. Tyler Allen did. The only other candidate there was Burrel Farnsley.

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