Everything Is Puppies & Rainbows In Metro Govt

Mitch McConnell’s right-hand man compared Greg Fischer to Trey Grayson. And you can expect Grayson’s camp to now go on a rampage about Social Security and entitlements. [John David Dyche]

At least when we accept advertising from a candidate it appears on our site and in plain view. [Barefoot & Progressive]

At 5:03 P.M. yesterday, Chris Thieneman’s campaign manager sent this out in a statement: Due to an unforeseen emergency, Chris Thieneman will not be holding a press conference tomorrow morning. Chris looks forward to sharing his vision for Louisville’s economic future, and will be delivering his plan at a time and date to be announced shortly. We hope all is well with Thieneman. [Media Advisory]

The Courier-Journal just got around to mentioning some endorsements Greg Fischer got a week ago. [C-J]

Last night David Tandy rejected the endorsement of bigot Frank Simon and his Freedom’s Heritage Forum: “My entire political career has been about bringing people together,” said Tandy.  “I cannot accept the endorsement of any organization that works to exclude anyone from the political process.  This entire campaign is about bringing every citizen of Louisville together to create better, more vibrant and more inclusive communities; a vision that organization does not share. My Christian values are extremely important to me,” said Tandy.  “But my Christian values teach that every individual has a voice, that every person is entitled to equal rights and opportunities and that any organization which chooses to discriminate based on race, gender, nationality or sexual orientation has no place in my campaign.” Standing up to bigots isn’t easy, so here’s hoping you tell Tandy you like what he’s done. [Press Release]

Mike O’Connell rejected Simon’s endorsement, as well: “It has come to my attention that your organization, Freedom’s Heritage Forum, has endorsed my candidacy for Jefferson County Attorney. And, I reject that endorsement and ask that you immediately remove my name from any of your materials. Along with many endorsements, I have been endorsed by CFAIR, the PAC of the Fairness Campaign. When the Fairness Ordinance was pending before the Louisville Metro Council, I testified in favor of its passage. I am a firm supporter of the Fairness Ordinance and all of the civil rights protections provided to the citizens of Louisville Metr.” [Press Release & Letter]

On May 14, 2008 in response to an ad run by Bruce Lunsford, here’s what Greg Fischer had to say: “I don’t enjoy having to point out this discrepancy. But when a candidate for public office stands before a statewide audience on live TV and says something that is blatantly false, I think you have to point that out.” I tend to agree with him, don’t you? [Flashback]

Jerry Abramson’s office is still pretending that everything is puppies and rainbows post-Metro Government audit. Unfortunately for Jerry, if changes had been made, we wouldn’t still be having problems.  And why did David Tandy look like he was falling asleep during Crit Luallen’s appearance before the council? [WFPL & Press Release]

State Auditor of Public Accounts Crit Luallen even said the audit needed to go deeper because there are other problems. So let’s quit playing pat-a-cake and acting like nothing has gone on in Louisville. [C-J]

5 thoughts on “Everything Is Puppies & Rainbows In Metro Govt

  1. Well who didn’t know Jerry would just wag his silver tongue and pontificate everthing would be fine with his usuall “Trust Me” delivery! An seventh grader could probably have designed better accounting controls then whats been implemented by the current administration.
    It baffles me how no matter whats constantly come up as Loosey Goosey mismanaged practices that Jerrys administration should on top of, is simply blown off as minor oversights by the Mayor to cover his ass!
    He knows that as usuall all he need to do is manufacture statements that everything is OK , tell people what they want to Hear& he’s off the hook . After 20 something years isn’t he supposed to be the expert at all this?….Or at least managing his staff to provide reasonable efficiency , accountability and open honesty!

  2. Unless Driskell somehow became an accountant or a CPA since the audit, the administration and the C-J will continue to all but ignore the results.

    Both will probably think they’re okay until the next two Novembers teach them otherwise.

  3. Its unreal how the public views that whatever someone of authority says is perceived as truth. I guess it’s cause they have a much easier time getting their comments published then Mr. or Mrs. Anybody who might disagree, and would be taken seriously since they have no recoginition.
    It’s been so easy for the Shady stuff to be Shaded, and the average person generally is too busy to even worry about how it effects him, it’s dismissed quickly and forgotten. The political heads realize that and get away with stuff any corporate citizen would be indited for!

  4. Believe me ! That hasn’t slipped by me, they made money causing the mess and have made a Fortune on the back end also!

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