Chris Thieneman Admitted To Political Bribery

Earlier today, Chris Thieneman’s supporters/staffers falsely accused me of accepting Jim King’s campaign cash. Reality is: I’ve accepted Thieneman advertising dollars since we last had a King Southern Bank ad on this site. The only mayoral candidate who has advertised is Tyler Allen. That said, let’s dig in to Mr. Thieneman…

It must have gone unnoticed by 95% of people, but Chris Thieneman was interviewed by the Courier-Journal editorial board a couple weeks ago. And he said some crazy stuff about feeling like a prostitute. Specifically, he said he paid a $10,000 bribe to Fred Cowan in 1998 in the form of campaign contributions in exchange for a Planning & Zoning Commission approval of a trailer park in Valley Station (against “plenty of opposition”).

Here’s the excerpt:

Click here to view the entire interview with Thieneman (and the rest of the candidates) on the Courier-Journal’s site.

Get that? $10,000 to Cowan in exchange for trailer park approval. Admitting to bribery. So juicy we couldn’t make it up if we tried.

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  1. No doubt there’s a Long list of people who have been extorted by past politicians, Boza Board members, Zoning Board Members, Ect…..I’ll bet there’s not too many who have the balls to admit they were manipulated to be granted what they were entitled to in the first place….So who was that Zoning Board GUY????What’s his Name?….That’s the Real interesting Question!…..Isn’t he the one who put it out there?….Isn’t that what is probably going on now in goverment” Pay to Play” deals…..??? Isn’t that the reason for Jerrys Chosen Few?….The Chosen Winners?….Hell it’s been going on For the last 25 years!

  2. Where’s the Commonwealth Attorney? Or the Attorney General? Fred Cowan is a sitting CIRCUIT JUDGE RIGHT NOW. Somebody needs to get to the bottom of this – IMMEDIATELY. Either Thieneman is lying, exaggerating or the bribee needs to be indicted.

  3. Let’s see. …Chris exposed a corrupt politician. If a Class C felony was committed, it was Cowan for accepting it.

    Jake, for whatever reason, you have a woodie for Chris (which I’m sure is something he doesn’t covet). For the first time, someone has explained how the system works. Your short memory ignores the fact that Thieneman was willing to take on the corrupt Dulworth regeime on the planning commission over some of the same shennanigans.

    I listened to you on Mandy Connell today. You put on a pretty good radio skit, but when you publish here, you’re a prejudiced, opinionated martinet. Of course, you own the site. You can print what you like. You can certainly make sure this post won’t appear. You can make as much fun of me as you’d like. That’s the great thing about this country….if you own it, you can control it…unless it’s something you don’t want to happen.

    At what point are you going to man up and be honest with the people?

    Terry Sullivan

  4. So if some of the “opposition” decided to pursue this matter, what charges could Chris be facing?

    It’s unbelievable that this is just now being reported. A mayoral candidate running to clean up metro hall that openly admits to bribery. What a joke.

  5. Terry Sullivan: A woodie for Chris? I publish information about what he, a candidate for public office, does and says and that means I have an erection for some former football player who is – yet again – losing? Nice.

    How do you know I’ve forgotten anything? You don’t. Taking on corruption doesn’t change what Chris said to the Courier-Journal editorial board. He said it. As a mayoral candidate, even.

    I love it when you concern trolls lose your shit because I – gasp – am not a Republican mouth breather. If you don’t like it, you shouldn’t be reading it. Pretty simple.

    I especially love it when people lose their shit over something like a video clip that’s not even remotely taken out of context. (You’ll note that I didn’t bother including the next minute or so where Chris discussed an almost bribery situation involving Dave Armstrong – making what Chris said even worse.)

  6. My God: Now you say David Armstrong was involved. He’s the CHIEF judge on the Public Service Commission (getting ready to hear the next LGE rate increase!!!!!!) Time for a grand jury. Ed Schroering did it 40 years ago. The grand jury has the power to investigate public corruption.

  7. What the Hell is going on in this City!….If Chris T. is making comments like this publicly and the Commonwealth Atty isn’t on it like a Cheap Suit it’s disgracefull….This type thing has been gone on so Long and There is Never any Consequenses for those crooks who prospect and Extort normal people just tryin to do business, What the Hell!….This should be investigated , I’d love to hear Fred Cowan response!….Bet he denies it?…Truth is its been a common standard operating procedure for Years and Years. I sure there a many others with stories like that!

  8. You folks do realize this isn’t the first time Chris Thieneman has mentioned this, right?

    And you do realize, I hope, that this particular video has been on the Courier-Journal’s site for quite a while?

  9. The Highlander is Right ….Get’em all before a Grand Jury!….Jerry, and all his cronies, that have participated for years in scams like this!!….Lets not shoot the messengers…..what’s needed is for others that have had the same experiance to come forward and stand up !

  10. A question…

    Is it possible Cowan didn’t know – if this actually happened – that a bunch of bundled contributions he was receiving weren’t in the form of a bribe?

    Maybe the Planning & Zoning head just conned people into bundling contributions so he could support his pals?

    Just wondering…

  11. Who reads the Courier site , I hardly waste my time on them anymore….This should be goint to Dateline ,60min,ect….Heres a guy blowing the whistle!…..whats wrong with this picture!…..I can’t believe it not headline news ?

  12. I realize all that Jake. But the time’s long past for the CJ to ‘run this place.’ The time has come for the public officials THAT WE ELECT to run it. We’ve had enough ‘wet tools’ running our local government.

  13. No, you’re just a democrat mouth-breather. You’d like to couch your misbranded screed as journalism, but in the end, it’s about pimping what you want. That’s fine. You own the site. You control the content. You are the king of your small domain. The only beef I have is that you try to pass your opinion of situations off as fact, much as the CJ does. You are the people you’ve warned us about.

  14. It’s Democratic, not “democrat.” And if you were a true concern troll, you’d know that I don’t identify as a Democrat.

    I have publicly – for three years – eschewed the term “journalist.”

    This isn’t a public newspaper. This site – nor any of our others – is not a bastion of journalism. It’s a personal website. People come here for – wait for it – opinion.

    When I’m passing something off as fact – I say it’s fact and include screenshots, documents from open records requests, video.

    But I appreciate your Republican spin.

    If you really want me to hit Chris Thieneman, I will. I’ve got woah more dirt. I’d be happy to do so. But since he’s losing pretty hard to Heiner, I thought I’d be the better person and not thrash him left and right.

  15. Our community misses a true journalist. You know, someone like Mark Hebert who would be willing to ask the hard questions and do the intense research to expose the problems on Planning and Zoning, Boza, and bribes accepted by politicians and paid by developers.
    no one has stepped up to fill Heberts shoes. We just have nibbling on the edges by people.
    Im more concerned about people like Cowan accepting the money, than those giving the money.
    Cowan should have known better and if he didnt, he does not deserve to be in public office. It is very similiar to the Jim King campaign finance case. I sick of skirting the laws, so the end justifys the means.

  16. Mr. Sullivan’s problem is ‘attention.’ He adores it and isn’t getting any from his frequent and generally senseless ramblings that are published in the op-ed page of the CJ. Why they publish this guy is beyond my imagination. I guess it salves their desire to be politically-correct and offer nutcase opinions on the ‘right’ side of the equation — so as to off-set their own nutcase opinions on the ‘left’ side.

  17. Highlander: There’s nothing wrong with wanting attention.

    But it’s silly for Sullivan to act as if opinions that differ from his right-wing beliefs are the devil… that the evil libruls are pushing their opinions off as the rule of law or whatever.

  18. Is this why Heiner builds in Indiana? Is the zoning board chair cheaper over there or is political contributions done another way?

  19. Daking, no, it is illegal both to offer AND to receive a bribe under such circumstances – both are subject to a Class C felony.

  20. It’s more than likely probably easier doing things in Indiana when you consider taxation issues, the political system, etc. I have to question what the hell these local politicians are thinking with the whole way of doing business in Louisville.

    The last few years several hundred jobs left Louisville for Indiana and it seems to me that they’re doing something right. Considering that even in this overall recession/depression we’re having Indiana has some of the lowest taxes in the Midwest as well as lower unemployment than say Kentucky, Ohio, or Illinois. Granted its not the most attractive state or the most intelligent state, but it seems to be doing a lot better than other regional states. I don’t like Daniels at all but at least their trying to keep business and industry and keep things running until the economy comes out of its funk.

    Louisville has been spending the last 3 decades getting rid of business and industry through the insane tax system, the higher workmans comp premiums, and having to pay off idiots in local government to get anything done. The publication by a East End lady from Lyndon called Land Machine is a great expose of that system. I believe its still available on the Internet for free. I believe her name is Gail Mellior or something like that. It talks about the political corruption and buying of power to get things done. An excellent expose of the local power structure.

  21. I can’t believe that it’s just an accepted practice to have to “Pay to Play” Politicans to do business . I guess that’s why people want to be political servants?….Rumor has been going around for years about Jerry pressuring the Courier Journal to bury proof that this was knowingly going on!…..So whats that say?….The City Commander dosen’t have the integrity to stop the collusion & conspiricy, he just covers it up to avoid the cat getting out of the bag.
    There needs to be another SERIOUS investigative reporter rise to the surface! The corruption and collusion has been obvious, the Courier has had the goods forever !….
    I bet if an investigation was launched , developers ,builders, individuals would come out the woodwork if they thought they wouldn’t suffer retrubution for their info.

  22. One of the reasons Hal Heiner got into politics was because of the way he was persecuted by the Planning Commission because he would not make the required pay offs

  23. Thieneman has been peddling all that trash for a long time. Just another fantasy he made up because he wasn’t getting his way. Everyone knows that is the way he and his clan have operated for years…don’t get their way, then accuse them of something. He did it to Darryl Owens, Dave Armstrong, Jerry Abramson and the list goes on and on…..

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