Shannon White Is So Mad She Could Spit

And in her latest email blast, she ripped everybody and their mother:

I am outraged over the current administration’s handling of taxpayers’ dollars.  Let us NOT forget that the recent state audit found 69 problems areas with metro government mostly due to MAJOR  accounting problems, including 23.5 MILLION dollars in question.


I am disappointed over the latest ads from three of my opponents promising an “open and honest government” … promises that the city government will be held accountable.

It is all complete BULL- these current Metro  Council members are part of the establishment and part of the problem. Hal Heiner, Jim King and David Tandy are the reason our local government is in the shape it’s in.

In addition, we should remember that Councilman Tandy continues to promise transparency when he went on a fact finding mission to investigate the Cordish deal that involved 900,000 dollars of tax money- your hard earned money.

And Tandy ended up signing a confidentiality agreement while promising transparency- he knows what happened to our tax dollars- but agreed with the big corporation to keep it silent.


I am also appalled that Greg Fischer & Tyler Allen did not see this issue as a priority and did not even show up at City Hall to hear Auditor Crit Luallen give her assessment and suggestions to this audit mess. It must not be important for them to know where taxpayer money goes.

Shannon ran Dress for Success, though, so she says that will make her a better mayor.

And here she is on video in front of a door:

Here’s a tip for Shannon: Metro Council members aren’t part of the mayoral administration. Different branch of gubmint entirely.

9 thoughts on “Shannon White Is So Mad She Could Spit

  1. Boy “Dress for Success” sure has her ready for the Mayor’s Office. Downtown shopping and community gardens will sure jump start Louisville’s economy and get us on the right track. I’m being facetious of course but on a side note tell her camera man 1) Not to shoot a video in front of something that reflects i.e. a window, and 2) Use a tripod when shooting.

  2. I agree with one thing!,,,and she’s Right about it.!…..Hal, Tandy, & King have all been sitting in a position a long time to claim Foul,!…. long before now!….Now all of a sudden they want to say they have tthe answer to fix a mess they allowed to manifest.

  3. Tom- Two of the three have been claiming foul for several years. The other one signed a confidentiality agreement (remember Tandy’s trip to Cordish-ville?) over the kind of stuff they were claiming foul about. This might show you how they are/were undermined.

    And – to top it off – King, Heiner, Downard, and even Ward-Pugh get either slammed by the local media or ignored altogether whenever they bring it up.

    It will stop when Abramson is unable to pull a government paycheck…or at least it might slow down…maybe…hopefully.

  4. ^^^^^ I love how people continue to say Heiner and King have done nothing (see Ed Springston) when they’ve been battling the Abramson administration for years over fiscal policy

  5. Doubt it will change at all. These people are pretty much all in the same boat. They’re generally pulled by the strings of someone else and that goes for the Metro Council as well. Otherwise, you would have seen a mass rebellion against the fiscal and governmental policies of Mayor Happy Pants.
    Don’t expect much to change because politics is very much geared to people of the Lowest Common Denominator voting for someone based on name recognition not what they did to create jobs, build the economy, rein in spending, tax reform, or anything else. In essence its a show for appearances and no matter the talk, they won’t change much of anything.

  6. I agree with others who say that Heiner and King have both been battling Abramson and his cronies with regards to transparency for a long time. I don’t support either of them, but this is the basic truth. Tandy is the one you will want to support if you want an opaque government. And re: Fischer, he’s good at throwing out a lot of words on the matter, but he also has no record to prove it.

  7. It was not hard for me to understand what Ms White was saying. These individuals are on the Metro Council but running for Mayor. And based on some of their recent actions, I can see what she is concerned about. I am just happy to have the opportunity to watch our great democracy in action. It is nice to have many choices in this election and I predict there will be some suprises yet to come.

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