Your Candidates Are Showing Their True Colors

The folks afraid to state publicly that they believe all candidates should be given equal consideration by the Courier-Journal: Jack Conway, Steve Beshear, Shannon White, Greg Fischer, Hal Heiner, David Tandy, Jerry Abramson, Trey Grayson, Rand Paul. I think it says a lot that Chris Thieneman, Daniel Mongiardo, Tyler Allen and Jim King all made their opinions known. The rest may just be letting their true colors show. [The ‘Ville Voice]

What’s with State Senate President David Williams’ glaring hypocrisy? His quilt of denial is coming unraveled quite quickly. [Page One]

Metro Councilcritter Tina Ward-Pugh will hold a campaign kick-off celebration for her re-election this evening. 5:30 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. at 2622 Frankfort Avenue (next to Oscar’s Hardware). So stop by to meet her campaign staff, sign up to volunteer and learn more about your 9th District councilwoman. She’s – for whatever reason – got some misguided Democratic opponent who thinks he can beat her. [Press Release]

Metro Animal Services could finally be getting a new incinerator. No more dumping bodies of dead pets. [WLKY]

This week Fairdale Bigfoot, who is no longer running for mayor, provides insight (not the terrible cable provider that screws the entire region) into dating realities. [Consuming Louisville]

Ford shares hit a five-year high. Maybe because their products no longer suck. Which feels pretty good to say. [C-J]

Is there an excuse for a cut in school days in Kentucky? The legislature is in a hot mess over it all but I rarely hear anybody in Louisville mention it. [H-L]

There’s some kind of king coal & Rand Paul rally in Louisville today. All five people in the city who love mountaintop removal will show up. [Page One]

2 thoughts on “Your Candidates Are Showing Their True Colors

  1. You are right about the ones who aren’t showing true colors!….there is plenty instances to demonstrate the actions of Jerry,Tandy,Hal, & Conway when they have been less then forthcomming with the real details of things. They all seem to have a habit of only telling the part that makes them look good and puts their Sales spin on things!

  2. Really Jerry is the type of guy that probably taught the rest of them. Seeing that he’s been spinning webs of lies for most of the past 25 years. The shame is that people didn’t see through it all until the past few years

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