We Get Glorious Fan Mail All The Time!

I love receiving beautiful fan mail like this from Louisville Metro Government employees. This latest email is so great (love the fans) that it’s being published on both Page One AND The ‘Ville Voice.

Check it out:

Name: Grown Ups

Email: penny@gmail.com

Subject: No self-respect

Message: Lunchtime. You are clearly a young fool and ‘tiddy
baby’. We laugh at you and the ignorant things you write about once
a month. That’s all the time we can spare for doo doo like this.

You don’t even realize that you out yourself with every word. We
bet all of Louisville is laughing at you with us. Don’t you have
any self-respect?

HOST: mail.metrorevenue.org

How sweet!

Somebody’s panties are clearly in a twist post-audit.

9 thoughts on “We Get Glorious Fan Mail All The Time!

  1. Gotta laugh with you at this one. Can’t pass an audit and don’t realize that your IP address gives away who you are and where you are coming from. Keep writing and keep poking. Wonder if there is a Penny? Keep digging and let us know. Don’t agree with you on everything but at least you are the “same ol’ cuss” to everyone. Funny Funny Funny. If I use gmail they can’t say I am wasting City funds but what if you access gmail from a City owned PC? Funny Funny Funny

  2. Don’t know about laughing at you but ‘we’ are certainly laughing with you on this nut job’s email! Flipping Hilarious….

  3. Supporter: They sent the message via the contact form on the site so it didn’t really come from gmail. They just made something up.

    I love love love that Jerry Abramson is a-okay with Metro Government employees using city resources to send such message, though.

  4. “JTT // Apr 1, 2010 at 6:50 am

    I doubt Jerry actually realizes that it is possible to identify sending computers like that.”

    LOL 🙂

  5. No wonder the City has to contract out for everything they do. They have dumbasses like this working for them.

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