5 thoughts on “Trey Grayson Hits Back At Rand Paul

  1. Probably the most influential ad I’ve seen either. There is no way I’m voting for Trey Grayson now, in the primary or in the general. Any man who tries to smear another candidate with this type of garbage isn’t worth considering. Jeremiah Wright? Really? Is Mr. Grayson going to cut a ad of Jeremiah Wright saying, “love Jesus people”, and then show Dr. Paul saying, “love Jesus”, and say, see, they’re evil! Dr. Paul’s positions are common-sensical in comparison to Mr. Grayson’s attacks.

  2. Everything that Ron and Rand Paul said is absolutely true. If I lived in Kentucky, this ad would make me want to vote for Rand Paul. I guess Trey Grayson does not study history or foreign cultures, because if he did, he would know that Arab Muslims despise the presence of non-muslim soldiers and bases in their countries.

  3. What? ANOTHER out-of-state Rand Paul supporter? Imagine that.

    And thanks for the racist and ignorant generalization about Muslims. Good job, Paul supporters! Keep spreading the ignorance so many of you attempt to deny isn’t prevalent amongst your ranks.

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