6 thoughts on “SurveyUSA/Courier-Journal Mayoral Poll Coming

  1. I’ll give Fischer 6 over King. Heiner gets only 11 over Thieneman, only because most Louisvillians haven’t been paying close enough attention to the race yet to realize what a joke of a candidate Thieneman is.

  2. My predictions, which are worth about what you paid for them:
    Undecided will be above the 19% of the Senate race, at least for the Dems, unless the pollsters include “slightly leaners.”
    King will be ahead for the Dems, but not by much.
    Heiner will be ahead of Thieneman by about 15%.

    Does anyone know if the runoff law applies to the mayoral race or not?

  3. Spread in the Dem. primary is a tough one. Tandy’s race to lose which he is doing. The vote is still going to split many ways with Tyler pulling numbers as the next best one great issue candidate since Gatewood.

    Heiner by miles.

    And to the last youtube from Tandy and Heiner, it’s not “liberries”, nor are there any “old dried up cow pastures” in the world. Can someone with a brain get hold of these campaigns?

  4. West – No runoffs in the Mayor’s race. Winner gets nomination no matter how small of a percentage they get.

  5. I think that Heiner will have a clear lead. How much, I have no idea.

    As for the Democrats, I think King and Fischer will be the leaders, which sets up a bloody race between them. And we know both are prone to do just that. That is why I think a “dark horse” has a real chance by the time May 18 rolls around.

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