Americans United for Change Hits Humana

Last night, Humana CEO Mike McCallister addressed Greater Louisville Inc’s annual dinner. So Americans United for Change took that as an opportunity to hit hard.

From a release yesterday:

Tom McMahon, Acting Executive Director, Americans United for Change: “Humana’s profits soared by a staggering 61 percent last year, and CEO Mike McCallister was compensated millions. But Kentucky families insured by Humana and are struggling to keep up with rising health care costs deserve a straight answer from McCallister: how much profit is enough?   Humana has spent millions trying to kill reform so they can continue excluding coverage to people with pre-existing conditions and dropping policy holders when they get sick.  And with the news that insurance giant Anthem Blue Cross is gouging their policy holders with a staggering 39 percent hike in premiums, Congress needs to act quickly before Humana and others follow suit and start demanding massive rate increases – taking full advantage of their virtual monopoly status and shaking down working families for every dime they can get.”


  • Humana’s Profits Soared by 61 Percent in One Year to $1.04 billion. Excerpt from ‘Big Insurers Break Profit Records,:’ a new report from Health Care for America Now:  “Humana, based in Louisville, Ky., reported that 2009 profit rose to $1.04 billion, a 61 percent increase from a year earlier. Enrollment fell by 147,000 to 8.33 million. Membership in private plans declined by 220,000 while government supported plans added 73,000 members. [HCAN report ‘Big Insurers Break Profit Records,’ February 2010]
  • Humana spent $3.2 million in 2009 lobbying to kill health insurance reform Excerpt from ‘Big Insurers Break Profit Records,:’ a new report from Health Care for America Now: “Humana spent $3.2 million last year to lobby in Washington against comprehensive national health reform proposals.13 Since 2007, the insurer’s political action committee and its employees have made $747,000 in political contributions to advance the company’s interests.” [HCAN report ‘Big Insurers Break Profit Records,’ February 2010]
  • Humana CEO Michael McCallister was compensated $4,764,309 in 2008. [Fierce Healthcare, 5/14/09]


Tuesday Morning Dept of Mean John Yarmuth

How’s this for an ironic headline? “Titanic exhibit nearing end of successful run.” Thanks to an astute reader for picking up on this. [ C-J]

Does Louisville really need a history museum? [Broken Sidewalk]

John Yarmuth is so mean and scary! How dare he speak ill toward senile Jim Bunning. Heh. [WAVE3]

Nerd Alert: NASA has released the most detailed images of Earth to date. [HuffPo]

Everybody is aggravated at Jim Bunning and that want to lock him up in a home ASAP. Find out where you should go today to yell at him. Unless you’re a fan of Rand Paul, then you can go cheer on his senility. [Joe Arnold]

The White House is swinging at Jim Bunning. Get it? That’s a funny newspaper man joke. [Jim Carroll]

Crazy Jim Bunning gave a reporter the finger. Guess we’re getting our tax dollars’ worth. [Page One]

Somebody (*cough* Gill Holland *cough*) needs to take this Genny’s Diner House joint and renovate the crap out of it, turn it into something good for the neighborhood. [WHAS11 & C-J]

From Capt. Obvious: Bunning May Be A Kentucky Asshole, But He’s A National Embarrassment

Don’t like the language? Then you aren’t capable of confronting reality.

What happens when you combine old age, senility and all-around assholery? You get Jim Bunning, the bigoted Repulican who has taken it upon himself to single-handedly starve everybody and their mother.


Here’s a fancy video of Bunning’s objection:

To answer some questions in the video: McConnell’s already said he supports an extension of the benefits. Trey Grayson and Rand Paul, on the other hand, have publicly stated that they stand against an extension in support of Bunning.

Here’s a sampling of the news:

  • Jim Bunning isn’t just crazy, he’s screwing millions of Americans and thousands of Kentuckians. [Huffington Post]
  • Ray LaHood is not having this Jim Bunning mess. Nor should we. [DOT]
  • The Herald-Leader isn’t having it. [H-L]
  • Politico isn’t having it. [Politico]
  • The New York Times isn’t having it. [Here & Here]
  • Jim Bunning is responsible for 2,000+ federal furloughs today. [Enquirer]
  • Trey Grayson and Rand Paul don’t care about Kentuckians. [DSCC via Joe Arnold]
  • Get your hobo beans ready, unemployed and broke Kentuckians. Jim Bunning’s going to starve you to death. [Wonkette]

It’s not helping matters to hear that Bunning reportedly flew into Covington on Friday night on a private jet. So as to avoid the poor, broke and starving commoners, we assume.

Dear Greg Fischer: Doing This Again?

Really, Greg Fischer? Going down the campaign finance wormhole again?

While I think this is cool:


You probably shouldn’t let your state campaign staff do work on behalf of a federal candidate (Daniel Mongiardo, the person who organized this event). The appearance of impropriety is everything when it comes to this sort of stuff.

Save the excuse that this is somebody acting on their own as an individual. She’s been employed by Mongiardo and is currently employed by you. And you and your campaign staff have spent countless hours trying to convince me that the individual is no longer doing working on behalf of Mongiardo.

Amateur hour is upon us.

Governor Appeared At Unknown Location

Check out this press advisory from early Sunday morning:

The intersection of Hurstbourne Lane and Bardstown Road. A location that doesn’t exist.

Here’s Hurstbourne Lane:

Could they mean the intersection of Hurstbourne Parkway and Bardstown Road?

Locals may laugh at me for pointing this out. You may say, “Everyone knows Hurstbourne!” But the reality? All but two or three of our teevee news people are out-of-townies and are often unfamiliar with the lay of the land.

Just sayin.

(To be fair, the governor was appearing for a great reason.)

We’re Not The Only City With Education Corruption

Remember Robert Felner’s partner in crime, Thomas Schroeder? He gets to keep his position as president of a school board. Despite a federal indictment. Despite a clear cut role in, you know, defrauding schools. Good job, Riverdale, Illinois. [Quad-City Times]

The stalled Legacy Lofts project is about to see new life in downtown. Check out the photos and read all about it. The hideous color scheme is out (taupe, though? ugh), thankfully. All gays and people of taste rejoice! It’s just too bad no normal folks will be able to afford any of the units. [Broken Sidewalk]

Really? This is news in the U.S. Senate race? [WHAS11]

Hey, lawyer-types, read up on this crazy story of a law firm and medical clinic allegedly trading clientele. [Andy Wolfson]

St. Louis-based Paul Harris will be on the air this week filling the spot once held by Francene at 84WHAS. Every morning I wake up hoping to hear that Joe Elliott has been given that midday slot. But Harris is a great host. [Paul Harris]

$1.75 million. That’s what the city plans to spend on the planning and design of a southwest library. [C-J]

Some people think Jim Bunning should be locked away in a home. Some people think he’s a genius for starving Kentuckians to death. What do you think? [FatLip]

Greg Stumbo was for higher education budget cuts before he was against them, or something? The amount of flip-flopping and all-around mess this legislative session is tough to keep track of. [H-L]

Louisville takes the top two spots in AmericanStyle’s best art fairs list. Kentucky Crafted, The Market and St. James Court Art Show. [WFPL]