6 thoughts on “Obama At Last Night’s White House Seder

  1. This is about the first halfway Christian thing he’s done since becoming President. What was all that talk about which church he’ll attend when he first became President? Too bad he hasn’t been to an actual church service since.

  2. Are you people really this nasty?

    This has nothing to do with Barack Obama’s religious beliefs. And if you wish to complain about how un-Christian he is, do it elsewhere.

  3. I fully agree with Jake. The Seder I believe is a Jewish tradition which many Christian churches observe at thi time of year. Let’s take God’s position and sit in judgement of others.

  4. There are very few things I’m able agree with Obama on lately. So I’m a little surprised (or maybe not) that people have to get so up in arms over the fact that the President isn’t foaming at the mouth with his religious beliefs.

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