News Or Not: Insight Communications Sucks

The entirety of Clifton/Crescent Hill has been screwed by Insight the past week.

Spotty service, failures and the run-around. Yesterday a friend called tech support to be told their modem couldn’t be reached. Well, duh, the entire ‘hood was effed up.

If Insight’s service functioned as advertised, we’d upgrade. And this post wouldn’t be brought to you by an AT&T wireless data connection.

(No, I don’t think complaining will solve anything – even if Insight’s CEO is reading these very words and dispatches people to do damage control, as always happens – just getting it off my chest)

10 thoughts on “News Or Not: Insight Communications Sucks

  1. I CAN NOT WAIT untill AT&T is available in my area! I am sooooo tired of rebooting my modem 2 to 3 times a day to get my phone and internet to work!

  2. I don’t know what sort of agreement they have made with city government to keep other cable companies out, but they really need some competition (and no Direct TV isn’t it) stat.

  3. Haven’t had a problem with their response to our requests (Highlands here). Our modem went kaput a couple of weeks ago. They attempted to diagnose the issue remotely and sent a tech with a replacement modem. Problem solved. We called a couple of years ago with a service request. They sent a tech on a Saturday who replaced the drop cable from alley to house by himself in 90+ degree heat. Problem solved. It seems fashionable to dis them, but I’ve been pleased with their service.

  4. Hmmm. While the Metro pulls together the info necessary to make a successful bid for LG&E, perhaps another Metro group should figure out how to take over our cable provider – or at least how to defuse their hostage situation.
    $5 a month for the original cable service in Louisville. What a glorious treasure that was for those of us who remembered staring at a test pattern waiting for TV programming to come alive!

  5. IIRC, AT&T (then bell south) sucked as well, as did their customer service. Any improvements in the last 5 years w/ them, I might switch?

  6. Insight is a bunch of crooks the sales reps for sure don’t pay the bill they will give you service anyways

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