New 84WHAS Mid-Day Host Coming

The name of the person taking over as host of the mid-day show (Francene’s 9AM – Noon spot) on 84WHAS will be announced today at 3:00 P.M.

And that strongly opinionated and interesting character (with quite the background) will be the focus of an interview with Terry Meiners at 4:10 P.M. today.

So be sure to tune in to 840AM and at 3:00 & 4:10 this afternoon.

While no one will ever be able to fill Francene’s shoes (I’m obviously biased), I am pretty excited to hear the news.

25 thoughts on “New 84WHAS Mid-Day Host Coming

  1. So give a couple vague hints Jake.

    Is the person liberal, conservative, or fairly objective?

    Does the person have a radio background, political, or other?

    Finally, are they local or from outside of Louisville.

    Thank God, by your conditional endorsement, it isn’t going to the be that right-wing idiot they had on for a few days.

  2. We can only hope that this new person will stay on top of our local politicians and keep them honest. I loved the way Francene stood up to Mayor Jerry! She didn’t back down and she didn’t let people railroad her… to the extent that for some reason several of our esteemed (read: been in office too long) politicians quit making appearances on her show!

    Big shoes to fill! … I sure do miss Francene.

  3. Anything less than Joe Elliott is unacceptable in my book ! Our dearly departed Francene left a pretty big pair of shoes to fill, and only Joe has the “inside track”, experience and necessary background to continue to serve our community the way Francene did.

    While WHAS radio has become a shell of it’s former self (thanks in no small part to Kelly Carls and Cash Cow Radio), the least they could do if it’s not Joe Elliott, is hire someone with roots or strong ties to our area. Local talk radio is still important to a community of our size. And to be effective, you need the background of the markey you serve. Which in Francene’s case, made her that much more of a rarity and gem, since she threw herself into our lives, our causes, our culture, etc…and made this area a better place to call home.

    So, to whomever it is, good luck, be objective, not partisan…and be genuine…there will be an angel watching down over you to guide you and show you how to do it the right way.

  4. I humbly apologize for the typo above…

    The sentence in the second paragraph should have read:

    “And to be effective, you need the background of the market you serve.”

    One more observation: Maybe the new host will be required to do their 15 weekday hours and add another local talk show on the weekends. This would eliminate at least one or two of the syndicated or “repeat” shows that WHAS shoves down our throats for the sake of increasing their profits. Seriously, a running commercial for “The Mutual Fund $tore”, Dave Ram$ey and Ru$h Limbaugh repeats, and tape delayed shows ? C’mon…loosen up some of that cash you all rake in and put “local” back in your radio.

  5. Not to be anal-retentive, but I would consider a mid-day show as one starting at 11 or noon. 9 a.m. to noon strikes me as mid-morning.

    I’m hoping the new host will actually be in Louisville when he or she does the show.

  6. I love Joe, but I’m afraid he’s just not controversial enough for the time slot in their eyes. I just hope it’s not some close-minded ideologue blow hard like a Hannity or Schultz-type, and someone who follows local issues. That slot is really the only non web-based outlet for local discussion left.

    Keep your personal grooming habits to yourselves ladies, John Ziegler and the Palin-Train is rolling back into town. Save us all……

  7. Other than the woman they tried out, none of them struck me as particularly “opinionated.” Other than Joe, none of them struck me as at all “interesting” (not that I spent much time listening to any of them except Joe).

    So, since it’s not Joe, I’m guessing it’s somebody they didn’t try out. Hope so, anyway.

  8. Well, everything I see about Mandy Connell bills her as a conservative talk show host. While Francene certainly leaned to the right, I never thought of her as a “conservative talk show host” like a Rush or Hannity wannabe. I’ll give her an honest chance, but I hope it’s not another 3-hour commercial for the Republican Party. Sigh.

  9. We’ll all have to wait to judge her til she has me on a few dozen times to foam at the mouth.

    That is the true test of, well, everything.

  10. Sorry but WHAS blew it,

    Carls knew the listeners wanted Joe and without listeners WHAS is nothing but a wasted frequency that no one is listening too at 50,000 watts.

    Another blow to Joe Elliott and the only time that I will ever listen to WHAS is Sunday mornings.

    I honestly think he thought he had a very good shot to get it and another slap in our the listeners face and more severely his.

  11. People would have to be blind not to see that Joe Elliott should have received the position. 🙂

    On Metro’s link it says one of the things she’s tired of hearing about is Ron Paul. I wonder how she’ll handle our little senate race, then.

  12. She’s not the only one tired of the Paul family brand. Sorry Larry, while I appreciate the witty thought, the blind joke is pretty poor taste.

    I think Joe is the consummate professional and a victim of the trend towards advocacy broadcasting. I’m just so thankful they didn’t go with another syndicated show like Glenn Beck at that same time slot.

  13. Once again, the local “great destroyer” of radio, Kelly Carls blows it ! Joe Elliott would have been my choice for reasons stated earlier. Carls cares about one thing and one thing only (okay, two things) the bottom line and his own salary/bonus package.

    Carls ought to have the balls to come on the airwaves and explain to those of us left listening (and the numbers keep dwindling) the following:
    * Why not Joe?
    * Why someone that has no connection or ties to our community?
    * Why no local news at night?
    * Why taped delayed evening drive programming (from another market)?
    * Why he chose not to hire a true middle of the road or more liberal host to put a little balance in their programming?
    * If not Joe Elliott, why not Ken Schulz? That would’ve also been a slam-dunk winner for us all !
    * Was he going for a Francene clone? Not a chance in hell there…she was truly one of a kind. She fell in love with our area and passed up offers to move on, creating her own legacy in the process.

    This hire only validates the void that Francene’s passing has left not only for WHAS radio, but for those of us she touched in one way or another.

    Frankly, as a radio veteran (both DJ and talk host) who still thinks there is value and purpose in local talk radio, I now listen to Tony & Terry & Lach ONLY when driving, and Joe’s entire show on Sunday mornings. I laugh at the absurdity of Ru$h and his nutjob supporters when I happen to listen in…boycott Mark “The Angry/Rude Man” Levin…and sometimes wonder, how often Barry Bingham rolls over in his grave at what Clear Channel and Kelly Carls has done to his former station.

    They call it a “heritage” station now…yeppers, that’s about right, a station getting by on it’s past, not present service to the community it serves. There is no longer any “heritage” being created today.

    That’s my two cents worth…
    Rant over.

    Now, as for Mandy Connell…I’ll give her an honest chance, but something tells me that she, admittedly being another conservative and supporter of the newly formed and alledged “Tea Party”, in time, will cause me to tune her out and find other listening options.

    At least we still have Joe on Sunday mornings…

  14. Okay, folks, time to justify your attacks.

    Somebody needs to tell me why/how Kelly Carls is responsible for killing local radio.

    I know I’m one of those ivory tower elitists, but I’m pretty sure it’s Clear Channel, not Carls, who pushes major decisions? And didn’t Carls have a hand in Francene’s success?

  15. Why is he responsible?

    Because everyone in town knew we needed Joe Elliott back on the air in Louisville and what does he do? He doesn’t give a damn what we the listeners think in turn comes down to us anyway in the long run. If WHAS doesn’t have listeners, they don’t have advertising, in turn no paychecks.

    Its will be great to see that 84WHAS #1 show on their station will be on Sunday Mornings.

    Why won’t 105.1 contact Joe and offer a full time position there. That would kill WHAS listener base.

    About Francene, Carls had nothing to do with her success, she made her timeslot and her show successful on her own.

    Francene was one of a kind, a legend, a great person that knew how to stand up to the piss poor officials leading our city and state. Carls doesn’t know how lucky he was to have Francene especially when we all know she would have done just as good or better in a market 50x bigger then Louisville.

    Anyway, screw Clear Channel, screw WHAS (except Sunday Mornings) and Carls can shove it.

  16. I can’t speak for Kelly Carls, but I have to correct something: He does, indeed, know how lucky he was to have Francene. And as someone close to her? I know he DID, indeed, have a big hand in her success.

    It’s just hilarious to me that anyone would place all the blame on him or even his boss, Gentry.

    It’s a Clear Channel thing. It’s the M.O. at every Clear Channel station in the country.

  17. Why hilarious Jake?

    No doubt Joe should have this position, he wanted it, guess thats why they stuck him on there for a week and you could tell he was doing everything he could to try to impress “someone” during that week on the air.

    More then likely, whoever Carls and Gentry recommends to be the next hire is who CC goes with.

    Like I said, when WHAS #1 show is on Sunday Morning which it probably already is, then Carls will know to listen to what the listeners what as we are the reason they exist anyway right?

  18. Look, **I** wanted Joe to get the job and I lobbied for him to get it.

    It’s just silly to place the blame on the folks in charge locally when it’s clear (pun intended) that Clear Channel has a well-established history of ousting and ignoring local talent. Louisville has been one of those rare markets where someone like Francene could thrive as a CC critter.

  19. It’s disgusting either way.

    I’m sure Sunday Morning will be interesting on his show coming up this weekend.

  20. I’m with Jake. Clear Channel and it’s band of idiots doesn’t care about local. Carls is trying to keep his own job. Radio stations are no longer the product, their simply the building and call letters tgat send the signal. Newspapers and radio ar hurting not just because of the web, but by a corporate mentality that said the local was less important than the stuff packaged nationally.

    Joe Elliott would be great, but it’s hard to make a middle aged blind man who doesn’t have a marketable persona beyond being reasonable and make him a star.

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