Lexington’s Mayoral Mess Is A Hot One, As Well

You think the Louisville mayoral race is rough? Check out the homophobic slurs being thrown around by Lexington’s mayor these days. [Page One]

Growth boundary to limit development in outlying areas? Sign us up. [Marcus Green]

LG&E/KU/E.ON have a fancy new online outage map. May not be entirely helpful to you if you’re, you know, without power. [Click the Clicky]

Yesterday David Tandy unveiled some sort of “green industry” initiative. You can check it out on his website. [David Tandy]

On Thursday at noon, the Metropolitan Women’s Political Caucus will announce a multitude of endorsements for races including: mayor, 41st Dist State Rep, and several council seats. [Press Release]

Yesterday State Auditor Crit Luallen revealed the second half of the State Government audit. I’m pretty sure you won’t like the findings. [More Page One]

Here’s an in-depth analysis of Kentucky’s Race to the Top scores and what the state can do in the future to potentially secure funds. [Toni Konz]

Do you like it wet? Maybe a little dry? Councilcritter Judy Green is just cold going to take your booze away. Because that’ll clearly solve all of our problems. Residents in Precinct M107 in the Parkland area are encouraged to attend an informational meeting Thursday at 6:00 P.M. in the Community Room of the NIA Center. There’s apparently a special wet-dry vote set to take place on Tuesday, April 6. [Press Release]

Is it time for another book drive to benefit the library? [Consuming Louisville]

U.S. Ambassador to Sweden Matthew Barzun wrote an op-ed about reconstruction efforts in Haiti. You’ll want to tool around on the googlebox to translate it or whatever. Cause it is written in foreigner, fyi. [Sydsvenskan]

Ready for this hilarity? Hal Heiner apparently doesn’t believe global warming is real. Coupled this with his Fairness stance and you’ve got a candidate who can’t win in Louisville. One issue with the story: what’s the Jesus t-shirt have to do with anything? Is that meant to show the guy was black? Or loved Jesus? Or that he’s “diverse” ? [C-J]

7 thoughts on “Lexington’s Mayoral Mess Is A Hot One, As Well

  1. Terrible timing for the women’s political caucus–thursday at noon John Yarmuth is speaking to downtown Rotary.

  2. Virginia Woodward has never had, ahem, keen political sense. So… it’s not too surprising that she’d be this disconnected.

  3. I have no idea what exactly Hal Heiner’s stance is on Global Warming. My guess is that he probably doesn’t understand the science well enough to have an educated position either way.

    That said, the question posed was a bad one. The question which should have been asked is who thinks man’s burning of fossil fuels is the cause of global warming.

    I am absolutely behind a movement to get buildings off the grid. This is by far the most achievable goal with regards to alternative energy because weight, size, and portability constraints are not as big a factor as they are with vehicles.

    I still suggest that punitive caps and taxes on CO2 emissions are not the fastest way to develop those technologies. Direct funding of large contracts to be awarded to private firms for not research, but a scalable, affordable, working, deliverable building fuel cell would be a far more efficient approach.

    How long to do we continue wasting billions of dollars on investment on alternative energy by giving it to academia and funding research into trying to prove CO2 causes global warming? Anyone downwind of a coal-burning power plant realizes we need to reduce of fossil fuel dependence for reasons beyond CO2 emissions.

    Quit wasting the money of trying to prove something that can’t be proven and use it to provide a financial incentive for private industry to find alternative technology today.

    Under the current tax and cap model, it will be decades before the markets are artificially manipulated to a point where the financial incentive will exist to provide the incentive for significant private investment. Meanwhile, the mining will continue, the acid rain and heavy metals with fall, the petroleum will continue to contaminate the water. During that time, only government tax coffers, academic researchers, tax credit traders, and environmental advocacy groups will benefit.

  4. Did anyone else find it dishonest of the Courier Journal to place Tyler Allen’s (8% in CJ poll) comments at the very end of the story behind White 1%, Jackie Green and others? When it comes to local news there seems to be no seperation between the editorial board and the news coverage. It would be funny if it wasn’t so potentially damaging to the future viability of

  5. Bullit, Oldham and other counties would never sign up for an Urban Growth Boundary. Although I would be for it, an UGB is so politically unviable for this area that it is waste of time to discuss.

  6. I am shocked (!) that the paper is showing bias.

    I mean, there’s just no way they meant anything facetious or negative when poking fun at Lisa Moxley’s distinguished career.

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