Jim Ramsey Says UofL Is Accountable

In February, Jim Ramsey told the State House that the University of Louisville was accountable:

Unfortunately, he’s yet to apologize for his “anonymous crap” mess and has all but praised Robert Felner for two years.

The mandatory meal plan ordeal? I haven’t heard an honest word from the man on the matter.

The Alicia Sells mess? Still haven’t gotten any answers.

Using the UofL Foundation as a slush fund to pay friends and confidants? You guessed it, no solid answers.

But UofL is accountable according to Jimbo.

5 thoughts on “Jim Ramsey Says UofL Is Accountable

  1. There’s a rumor blowing in the wind that UofL CEHD is holding interviews for the deanship on a Sunday. Wonder why?

  2. Didn’t Ramsey announce his pending retirement? Or rather, that he wouldn’t seek to renew his contract when this one ran out? Or am I making that up?

    I would hate to the be the person who has to step into what Ramsey is leaving behind.

  3. Whoever ‘steps into’ Ramsey’s mess will need a shovel, a manure spreader and a washrag to clean their hands after they’re through. This guys as dirty as he is dense. Reminds me of a tall Howdy Doody, but can’t figure out who’s manipulating him. Could it be Larry Clark!!!!!! Maybe so, they both began their careers at Whispering Hills.

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