It’s Early Friday & Fairdale Bigfoot Is Up & At ‘Em

This is very important and urgent news! [WLKY]

Could the nation’s most eco-friendly school be located right here in Indiucky/Louisville Proper? [C-J]

Check out this profile of Democratic mayoral candidate Lisa Moxley from Bennett Haeberle. [FOX41]

David Tandy also got a fancy profile. He’s still unable to explain his JBS Swift flip-flop. (P.S. to Bennett: People aren’t pissed over the smell, they’re pissed over the Abramson/Tandy-supported law breaking.) [More FOX41]

Greg Fischer announced the endorsement of Retired Police & Firefighters Advocates, Inc. yesterday. The group represents 400 families. [Press Release]

The Louisville Zoo was fined $37,000 for that accident last June. [AP via H-L]

Dear Fifth Third Bank: You’re the reason I’m switching to a local bank. Goodness gracious. [WHAS11]

Did you know? JCPS officials got a blog about Bloom Elementary shut down because they didn’t want to be seen as pervert-enabling. Read this story to familiarize yourself with the basics and then start asking JCPS why they jerked a critical blog down about bad behavior at Bloom. [C-J]

Construction watch: creating an urban edge on Brandeis. [Broken Sidewalk]

Fairdale Bigfoot is no longer a mayoral candidate but he’s back with his weekly advice column. [Consuming Louisville]

5 thoughts on “It’s Early Friday & Fairdale Bigfoot Is Up & At ‘Em

  1. I have debit cards with 5/3 and Stockyards. I have received nothing from 5/3 about this security breach, but regularly get notices about one from Stockyards. I know they have sent me at least one new card in the past due to this issue. The latest one I can remember was just a few weeks ago when they said I couldn’t use my debit card and PIN in Georgia, due to some scam that was going on down there. So don’t think switching to a local bank is going to help.

  2. I, too, have a 5/3rd debit card, but have received NO security notice about it to date. I wondered if notices were only sent to people who had used their card with a specific merchant. But I re-read the WHAS story last evening, which seemed to imply that all 5/3rd debit card holders would receive a replacement…

  3. Whew! Fer a minnit there I thought they’s gonna leave them purdy lights up all yeer and we’d look like red necks or sumthin’ when it come time fur the Derby! Thank God they took ’em down faster’n they cleaned up after the flood ‘n all…

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