Greg Fischer’s Citizens Bill of Rights

Earlier this morning Greg Fischer held a press conference to announce a “Citizens Bill of Rights” – so let’s take a look:

  • I. Convenient Access: Every citizen has the right to prompt, efficient service from Metro Government.  As mayor, I will work to expand the services available at county government centers and on the internet to meet the demands of the people of Louisville Metro.  It should be easy to do business with Metro Government.
  • II.     Truthful Answers and Explanations: Every citizen has the right to straightforward and honest information in connection with any significant decision made by the mayor.  I will publish and make available the reasons behind my decisions on all significant public matters.
  • III.   Quality Customer Service: Every citizen has the right to be treated like a valued customer, with dignity and respect.  As taxpayers, citizens are customers of Metro Government and are entitled to courteous, professional service from employees who are intent on solving their problems.
  • IV.   Timely Notice: Every citizen has the right to advance notice of projects and proposals affecting their home, business, or neighborhood.  As mayor, I will provide citizens with the knowledge necessary to participate in local affairs.
  • V.     Inclusive and Transparent Process: Every citizen has the right to be involved in government and have his or her voice heard at Louisville Metro Hall.  As mayor, I will create a culture of inclusiveness and maintain open communications with the community.  To understand diverse viewpoints, answer questions, and promote dialogue, I will keep regular open office hours and hold countywide community forums to meet with citizens and business owners and listen to their concerns.
  • VI.  Focus on Results: Every citizen has the right to a team of Metro employees that strives to be the best in the world in job performance. As mayor, my leadership team will model and set a standard for diversity, joy in work, and the pursuit of continuous and breakthrough improvement.

During his presser, Fischer said, “Together, we have the ability to improve the quality of life for all citizens in every corner of our community. I commit to being your steadfast partner in pursuit of this noble goal.” And he emphasized his focus on bottom-up, not top-down leadership and governing. Unfortunately for Fischer, however, he’s got Larry Clark calling all his shots. Which means everything he’s saying is 100% moot.

4 thoughts on “Greg Fischer’s Citizens Bill of Rights

  1. These are certainly good ideas, but I keep going back to this thought: Where was Fischer on these issues before the campaign?

    I know where many of the other candidates stood on transparency and related issues in 2008. But not Fischer.

  2. Young Fischer doesn’t have the sizzle to be an effective mayor of this City. He’s a nice person — sorta like Harvey Sloane. Remember him??? What did he ever do? Absolutely nothing, but everyone was happy and contented while Louisville slipped behind its competitor cities. Then we got stuck w/Happy Pants for 25 years and lost thousands of jobs — Brown & Williamson, Int’l. Harvcster, GE, and the list goes on. Fischer’s nice, but no answer. Jim King’s the answer — because he’s ‘tough’.

  3. Fischer was not a public official so he deserves the benefit of doubt, just like we do no know where you stand on issues until you chose to tell us or steered by circumstance.

    Please let us shield our swords and give him the benefit of doubt.

  4. Sorry, naïveté on this front is unacceptable.

    This is Greg Fischer’s second major campaign in two years. And Larry Clark has been around for decades. And I’ve had to interact with Greg since 2008. For years I’ve been able to point out hypocrisy after hypocrisy. And it’s unacceptable.

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