FOX41 Interviewed Greg Fischer for Mayor

FOX41 interviewed Greg Fischer, a candidate for mayor, and asked him about being a union buster:

He says the future of Louisville depends on its main manufacturing companies like Ford and General Electric.  While he’s received several labor endorsements from the United Auto Workers and firefighters, some have criticized Fischer for being anti-union.

He responds, “Oh, nothing could be further from the truth. Those are from my competitors that wish they had my support. So I’ve received endorsements from the United Auto Workers, the Plumbers and Pipe Fitters, The electricians, the laborers, SCIU, all but one of the labor endorsements I’ve received. So they are trying to knock my credibility there.”

Greg says he’s not anti-union. But his actions speak louder than words. Like working against collective bargaining agreements. Allowing major union busters to play large roles in his campaign. Letting his sister, Lynn, who plays a major role in his campaign, to work against organized labor re: the downtown arena (I hear the C-J’s got a story coming on that.

Fischer went on to say he wants to steer clear of mudslinging:

While political TV ads have begun to air, Fischer says he hopes the race will avoid any mudslinging.

Guess that means he regrets getting nasty in his race against Bruce Lunsford, which he lost.

9 thoughts on “FOX41 Interviewed Greg Fischer for Mayor

  1. EVERY candidate but Greg Fischer – that includes Jim King and the Republicans – told me they didn’t want to go negative and did not approve of negative ads.

    But Greg refused to do so.

  2. All the other canidates have an advantage if Lynn has anything to do with her Brothers campaign. From an old television show; she would draw the hat size tag if asked to draw a number out of a hat.

  3. Do you think Greg remembers how big Ford and GE used to be and that we have been relying on them too long?
    What happened to International Harvestor, Belknap Hardware, they were relied on for many years to!
    World Class attitude and measure against goals. That is his foundation, not looking forward.

  4. Louisville is 20 years behind the times and its been that way for years. This area stopped growing in importance back in the 1980s. That’s when Louisville fell behind the other regional cities because of their reliance on manufacturing jobs only and didn’t keep up with the education for the jobs of the future.

    Which explains why a lot of box flipping companies located here, because they knew they could find a cheap labor force for the box flipping jobs they have. When your schools are 118th of 154 KY schools in overall performance, its nothing to brag about.

  5. Really, is there any of the candidates that really has a vision past the good old boy system here. Maybe in the case of some of the lesser knowns but overall since they don’t articulate those ideas, no one will ever know. This election like the last several elections will be decided by name recognition. The person that wins will mostly like be who spent the most money and fool the majority of the people here.

    A citizenry that could re-elect Abramson several times obviously didn’t have any choices other than Abramson or they were oblivious to what is going on around them.

    It’s just like the last time, several people stated that they didn’t know who else was running for mayor. I’ve lived in this general area for 30 years and Abramson was in city government from 1977 until now in 2010. 33 years. What did he really do that benefitted most of the people. Downtown was one of his rare achievements and the airport expansion, UPS, etc.

    Other than that, a lot of the city has been declining for years. Especially to the West End and then other areas of the city. It got worse when Metro came in because now he got his claws in everyone’s pockets.

    So the next mayor won’t be an idealist or a game changer, it will the same person with the same values as Abramson that has the money to buy the office. Otherwise, why would you want to truly deal with all the headaches and nonsense if you had millions. For a job paying 100k, get real. It would be different if you were electing a person with a track record of true public service.

    Just because someone brags about being on the Council or some do gooder doesn’t make them qualified to be mayor. When they can create jobs and manage the affairs of the city and its taxpayers, then maybe some change will really occur.

  6. More Greg bashing…. You need to get over it and get real. Fischer will be your next mayor because of the vision and policies he articulates.

    You should start utilizing you blog to analyze policies and compare candidates’ positions. This attitude: I don’t like you so you must be a bad person will not help this city progress… which I assume is your goal… I could be wrong

  7. Yeah, I ‘should’ do a lot of things. But this isn’t some boring ass publication that just recycles press releases. You want that? Go elsewhere.

    What “vision” ?

    Which “policies” ??

    He wasn’t able to detail anything when in front of the Courier-Journal’s editorial board and he’s yet to detail anything anywhere else.

    As it stands right now, the C-J is set to endorse Tandy, Greg’s running out of cash as unions back away from him, the C-J is set to dog him and King’s taking up all the airtime.

    My money’s on Hal Heiner.

  8. Greg Fischer is just another Harvey Sloane. There’d be a lot of ‘task forces’ and policy wonk talk. The unions would get busted, because his dad moved his plant to Indiana to avoid the Louisville labor market. He’s a nice guy and nice guys don’t need to be mayor. They need to be preachers at the local Methodist church or Boy Scout leaders.

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