East Market Street Is Still Exploding, We’re Giddy

What’s with Rand Paul and David Adams flip-flopping 24/7? What happened to the debate anywhere, any time mantra? Hypocrisy, thy name is Ro… Rand. Ignoring the women of Louisville won’t get you anywhere as a U.S. Senate candidate. [Page One]

Here’s mayoral candidate Tyler Allen on TARC’s first public meeting. [Tyler for Mayor]

Tuesday Sunday night at 9:00 P.M., Churchill Downs’ Chief Operating Officer Bill Carstanjen will be on CBS’ Undercover Boss. Tune in. [Press Release]

Will the Metro Council oppose an LG&E rate hike? If the councilcritters know what’s good for them come election time they certainly will. [C-J]

Humana loved this old man so much it wouldn’t let him cancel his Medicare Advantage plan. It’s a little silly for any customer to let something like this drag on for more than a couple days, but it’s equally silly for a company to go so far out of its way to maintain a few extra bucks a month. [Consumerist]

Creation Gardens (by I-65) was purchased by the state Transportation Cabinet for $3.6 million. All in preparation for the Ohio River Bridges Project. [Sheldon Shafer]

But wait – check out these renderings of the proposed new development Creation Gardens has up its sleeve for East Market. Excitement? Yes? For people like us who spend $100/week on produce? It’s a life-changing moment, possibly. [Broken Sidewalk]

You going to see As Bees In Honey Drown this week? It’s Pandora’s last show of the season. And it’s worth the $15. [Consuming Louisville & Pandora]

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  1. undercover boss is on next tuesday? i thought it was on sundays and couldnt find it this past sunday. i am interested in seeing this episode. actually, im kind of addicted to this show. πŸ™‚

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