Dear Hal Heiner: Time To Sack Up Or Go Home

Really. I like you. But you and your campaign staff need to grow a set.

Yesterday you were called out for your stance against the Fairness Ordinance. That was based on your initial vote as a Metro Councilcritter against Fairness.

Your staff promptly called me to make it clear you have no intention of working to nix Fairness. Verbatim, from your campaign manager, “I just want to be clear that you understand Hal has no intentions of overturning fairness if elected. Zero.”

That’s nice. But none of that changes the fact that you stand against Fairness. According to your staffers, you stand against the Fairness Ordinance because it is “unneeded government regulation.” Because, according to you, discrimination based on sexual orientation and such is already covered under federal statutes and upheld by the Supreme Court… which, here in the reality-based community, we know is patently false. That’s a flat-out lie on your part.

Long story short: Just admit where you stand and leave it at that. The last thing you need is a cadre of gays working to beat you with Chris Thieneman– a guy more delusional than you on the Fairness front.

This is Louisville. The largest city in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. One of the gayest towns in the region. Definitely one of the most progressive on the social front. Most Republicans I know support and wholly defend the Fairness Ordinance. It’s not an issue of Right vs. Left but common sense vs. ignorance.

It’s a shame that the two most prominent Republican candidates in the mayoral race are so openly ignorant and willing to discriminate.  Even more shameful that the Heiner has decided to obfuscate on this matter because he knows he’ll need the gays in a general election.

4 thoughts on “Dear Hal Heiner: Time To Sack Up Or Go Home

  1. Really?

    So there were already protections to prevent discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation/etc when it comes to services, housing, employment?


    Cause that’s some news to me.

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