Dear Courier-Journal Editorial Board

If what you told Phillip Bailey were true:

For starters, the newspaper didn’t initially schedule a sit-down with Democratic candidate Lisa Moxley, an odd decision considering Moxley fared slightly better in the C-J’s mayoral poll than Shannon White, one of her primary opponents.

“We made the decision about who to invite before we had a look at the poll,” editorial page editor Keith Runyon tells LEO Weekly. “We’ve issued another invitation since then because (Moxley) fared better than we anticipated.”

Then a Gannett executive wouldn’t have called me losing their shiz. And ed board members would have returned candidate telephone calls throughout the debacle. Instead, you caved to pressure after realizing how racist, sexist, partisan and ridiculous all of you old white men (yes, even the women on the ed board are like old white men sometimes– even the non-whites) came off.

And that interview with Lisa Moxley this morning in which she held her own? Hoo boy.  You old coots sure have a Viagra priapism for some old ass hopes and River Fields dreams.  Goodness.