Shannon White Attacks David Tandy On Video

What’s that sound? Shannon White attacking David Tandy because she was part of Dress for Success or whatever? Nice to see Tandy’s opponents talking about his Cordish mess, though.

And she’s attacking Jim King and Hal Heiner, two folks who have consistently pushed for accountability and transparency as Metro Councilcritters?

Former Yarmuth Campaign staffers tell me Shannon didn’t do anything right on the financial front. And they tell me she was such a hot mess to work with that they had to go around her in order to raise money. Shannon refuses to address those allegations – because she’s afraid of actual transparency – so there’s no way to know if she realizes her iPhone video is ironic.

Why is this lady even running? Just to make confusing videos with her phone? Goodness.

UPDATE: LEO Weekly has a story about just how mistaken she is. Woopsiedaisy.

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