We Get Glorious Fan Mail All The Time!

I love receiving beautiful fan mail like this from Louisville Metro Government employees. This latest email is so great (love the fans) that it’s being published on both Page One AND The ‘Ville Voice.

Check it out:

Name: Grown Ups

Email: penny@gmail.com

Subject: No self-respect

Message: Lunchtime. You are clearly a young fool and ‘tiddy
baby’. We laugh at you and the ignorant things you write about once
a month. That’s all the time we can spare for doo doo like this.

You don’t even realize that you out yourself with every word. We
bet all of Louisville is laughing at you with us. Don’t you have
any self-respect?

HOST: mail.metrorevenue.org

How sweet!

Somebody’s panties are clearly in a twist post-audit.

Dear Hal Heiner: Time To Sack Up Or Go Home

Really. I like you. But you and your campaign staff need to grow a set.

Yesterday you were called out for your stance against the Fairness Ordinance. That was based on your initial vote as a Metro Councilcritter against Fairness.

Your staff promptly called me to make it clear you have no intention of working to nix Fairness. Verbatim, from your campaign manager, “I just want to be clear that you understand Hal has no intentions of overturning fairness if elected. Zero.”

That’s nice. But none of that changes the fact that you stand against Fairness. According to your staffers, you stand against the Fairness Ordinance because it is “unneeded government regulation.” Because, according to you, discrimination based on sexual orientation and such is already covered under federal statutes and upheld by the Supreme Court… which, here in the reality-based community, we know is patently false. That’s a flat-out lie on your part.

Long story short: Just admit where you stand and leave it at that. The last thing you need is a cadre of gays working to beat you with Chris Thieneman– a guy more delusional than you on the Fairness front.

This is Louisville. The largest city in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. One of the gayest towns in the region. Definitely one of the most progressive on the social front. Most Republicans I know support and wholly defend the Fairness Ordinance. It’s not an issue of Right vs. Left but common sense vs. ignorance.

It’s a shame that the two most prominent Republican candidates in the mayoral race are so openly ignorant and willing to discriminate.  Even more shameful that the Heiner has decided to obfuscate on this matter because he knows he’ll need the gays in a general election.


Okay. I know I over hype local businesses 24/7. So deal.

This shirt from WHY LOUISVILLE:


Is precisely why I do so.

You should probably buy it. Or buy two so you can send one in my direction, size small.

That is all.

(Nope, they’re not advertising and I haven’t received goods from them. Just happen to have a tiny obsession with their t-shirt line.)

Lexington’s Mayoral Mess Is A Hot One, As Well

You think the Louisville mayoral race is rough? Check out the homophobic slurs being thrown around by Lexington’s mayor these days. [Page One]

Growth boundary to limit development in outlying areas? Sign us up. [Marcus Green]

LG&E/KU/E.ON have a fancy new online outage map. May not be entirely helpful to you if you’re, you know, without power. [Click the Clicky]

Yesterday David Tandy unveiled some sort of “green industry” initiative. You can check it out on his website. [David Tandy]

On Thursday at noon, the Metropolitan Women’s Political Caucus will announce a multitude of endorsements for races including: mayor, 41st Dist State Rep, and several council seats. [Press Release]

Yesterday State Auditor Crit Luallen revealed the second half of the State Government audit. I’m pretty sure you won’t like the findings. [More Page One]

Here’s an in-depth analysis of Kentucky’s Race to the Top scores and what the state can do in the future to potentially secure funds. [Toni Konz]

Do you like it wet? Maybe a little dry? Councilcritter Judy Green is just cold going to take your booze away. Because that’ll clearly solve all of our problems. Residents in Precinct M107 in the Parkland area are encouraged to attend an informational meeting Thursday at 6:00 P.M. in the Community Room of the NIA Center. There’s apparently a special wet-dry vote set to take place on Tuesday, April 6. [Press Release]

Is it time for another book drive to benefit the library? [Consuming Louisville]

U.S. Ambassador to Sweden Matthew Barzun wrote an op-ed about reconstruction efforts in Haiti. You’ll want to tool around on the googlebox to translate it or whatever. Cause it is written in foreigner, fyi. [Sydsvenskan]

Ready for this hilarity? Hal Heiner apparently doesn’t believe global warming is real. Coupled this with his Fairness stance and you’ve got a candidate who can’t win in Louisville. One issue with the story: what’s the Jesus t-shirt have to do with anything? Is that meant to show the guy was black? Or loved Jesus? Or that he’s “diverse” ? [C-J]

Greg Fischer And That Fancy Ice Machine

In 2008, Indiana businessman Greg Fischer famously said he was an open book. So we’re gonna hold him to that claim.

During his failed 2008 U.S. Senate bid, Fischer repeatedly referred to himself as a co-inventor of an ice dispenser. And just a few weeks ago he appeared at a downtown mayoral forum in which he declared he was the inventor of a combination ice-beverage dispensing machine:

But reality is much different. A commenter in early February summed things up nicely:

Servend, originally called Servend Distributors, began as an Indiana company and remained one, one that was founded by a Sellersburg man named Jerry Landers while Greg Fischer was still in high school.

What’s troubling isn’t the “move” but rather that the Fischers so often allow themselves credit for starting Servend when in actuality they bought it. They tacked “International” on the end after the purchase so I suppose when they refer to founding Servend International they mean the legal entity on paper and not the company on the ground, but it hardly seems accurate to base one’s early acumen on such a technicality. Servend Distributors held patents on ice machines before the Fischers were ever involved.

Since Fischer is an open book… maybe he’d care to admit he isn’t the inventor, but the guy who bought it? According to court documents, SerVend Distributors, Inc. (Jerry Landers) invented the ice machine. Then George Fischer (Greg’s dad) purchased the company. Greg’s name does appear as a co-inventor – not inventor – on U.S. Patent No. 4,641,763, a dispensing apparatus. And it appears his name was appended to the original patent. But for the 13 other patents SerVend holds for the ice dispenser? Fischer’s name doesn’t appear as an inventor. Jerry Landers’ does.

Or is that too much honesty and transparency for a mayoral candidate?

Greg Fischer Flip-Flops With First TV Spot

Here’s Greg Fischer’s first ad in the mayoral race:

Remember when Greg Fischer was initially for an East End bridge before he was for two bridges in February? Remember when he didn’t have a position?

Or when he didn’t really create jobs, but bought a company with his dad’s money? Maybe when he and his sister went union busting for the arena? Or when he got sued for violating a collective bargaining agreement?

And, really, bragging about being on the Board of Overseers at the University of Louisville in light of all the recent scandals? Smooth.