Tuesday Morning Dept of Jane Beshear Leads

Get thee to Frankfort tomorrow to rally for equality. It’s maybe your final chance to scare the bejeebers out of Gary Tapp. [Page One]

One of the many reasons I like First Lady Jane Beshear, even if I dislike her husband for the most part: She’ll be speaking at the Kentucky Association of Food Banks press conference this morning at 10:00 A.M. Hunger in Kentucky 2010. Capitol Rotunda. So please show up to photograph her, get fancy teevee footage and write about her, you newsie people. [Press Release]

I hope Ambassador Barzun (and Scott Ritcher) read yesterday’s Toothpaste For Dinner. [TFD]

Actors Theatre is kicking off the 34th Annual Humana Festival of New American Plays. [WFPL & ATL Humana Fest]

The rally for higher education in Frankfort is today. Buses leave UofL by the Student Activities Center at 12:30 today. Be there by noon. [Press Release]

Ray LaHood says federal funding is likely for the Ohio River Bridges Project. [WAVE3]

Ambassador Matthew Barzun got asked some tough questions – some from a student from the Kentucky area. [The Leaf Chronicle]

It looks like the Grand Gala won’t be happening this year. [WHAS11]

If Six Flags owns the rides at Kentucky Kingdom, how is it legal for the state to try to keep them? [C-J]

Is Tyler Allen going to talk about ANYTHING other than transportation, ever? A quick glance of his Twitter profile suggests that he never will. I know two state legislators who would endorse him if he’d start talking about something else, start taking risks and get out there on something other than eighty-sixing sixty-four. [Twitter]

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Dept of Jane Beshear Leads

  1. With all due respect, did you attend or listen to the Downtown issues debate where Tyler never uttered the words 8664? The arts debate? The social justice debate? The press conference in front of the CJ where he took on the arrogance of a few to control this community? I dont hear the others challenging the status quo because they are all part of it.

  2. With all due respect, I did listen to every word Tyler has uttered. If you could read and comprehend, you’d be aware that there was a link to what I said. Nearly everything Tyler has tweeted has been transportation-related. An entire page.

    If Tyler was serious about this campaign, he’d start doing more than passive-aggressively attacking the Courier-Journal. He would have published the letter he wrote a couple months ago instead of wussing out. And he wouldn’t take weeks upon weeks to make campaign decisions.

    P.S. Having your name associated with Tyler is NOT helping his candidacy at all with area Democrats. I can’t wait til you try to run for office again.

  3. Who owns the rides is questionable. As I understand real estate, anything that is screwed down is considered part of the real estate and cannot be taken. When you sell a house, you can take the oven (as long as it’s not built in), but you can’t take the hood over the oven, since it’s screwed down. It doesn’t matter who installed the hood, once it is screwed down, it’s part of the “house.”

    In that sense, the rides are bolted to the ground, which the Commonwealth owns. Thus, it doesn’t matter if Six Flags paid to bolt it down, the state owns it.

    I think this is the crux of the state’s argument; anything screwed down is part of the real estate.

  4. With all due respect, I did click on the link you provided, and found 19 posts, of which 6 were transportation related, and 4 of those 6 were TARC related. None of the 19 were related to 8664 or interstates. All mass-transit.

  5. Transportation and land use play a central role in sustainable economic and cultural development. If Joe and Jill Public and other Democratic operatives don’t understand that, then they’ll probably make poor voting and support choices.

    We don’t need Tyler talking about that less. We need other candidates talking about it more.

    My criticism is aimed at those who don’t make the connection, namely the large majority of current elected officials, candidates, and supposed business leaders.

    I spent the evening at a presentation that provided an update of the Ohio River Greenway project. That we’re simultaneously spending both millions to highlight our river geography and much more to destroy any benefit from it is just plain stupid.

    The very same elected officials and muckety-mucks, though, smile and nod at both and all I hear is the rattling sound as the two sides of their brains become dislodged from each other.

  6. Perhaps what Allen needs to do is make it more clear that, under his ideas, improved transportation will lead to more jobs, better access to food, ending the brain-drain, and all of the other benefits.

    At least, that’s my understanding of his positions. He thinks the other things are important, but that they can only come after we have the transportation infrastructure. It seems, though, the “what will come next” gets lost in the “what we need now” message.

  7. perhaps i have not been following the mayor’s race as closely as i should have (could be because as a registered independant, i don’t really have much say in who the two candidates will be). but just from following politics in general, single issue candidates normally don’t go very far. and in life perception is reality.

    tyler allen may not be a single issue candidate, but he sure isn’t talking much about anything else for it to be reported on and if the people connected in media are only really aware of one issue, i can imagine what the uninformed mass general public knows of this candidate not related to getting rid of the downtown riverfront expressway.

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