Tandy Capitalized On Six Flags Job Losses

On Friday, David Tandy stood with Republican Hal Heiner to call for the city and state to work with Six Flags to keep Kentucky Kingdom open.

That was honorable.

Then 4:00 P.M. hit and we got an email from Tandy’s campaign:

“Kentucky Kingdom is the largest employer of young people in the Commonwealth, they provide the opportunity to earn an income and acquire job skills to more than 1000 Louisville youths each year.” David said during a press conference today. “We must do whatever we can to protect those jobs and to ensure the 2nd largest tourist attraction in Kentucky continues to operate.”

David has pledged to work with both parties and to work with state officials to find a solution which will allow the park to continue to operate and ensure that those employment opportunities remain.

This is the type of leadership we’ve come to expect from David.  He has spent his career putting principle ahead of politics—statesmanship ahead of gamesmanship.

Please do your part to help ensure that we elect a leader like David as our next mayor.  You can join the fight today by donating $25, $50, $100, or more.

That’s right – using a tragic loss of jobs to beg for campaign cash.


In fairness, I don’t think David Tandy would approve this message. It clearly came from his campaign staff. I routinely criticize Tandy for appearing spineless and flip-flopping, but there remains no doubt in my mind that he could be a solid and inspiring leader if he’d just step up to the plate. Unfortunately, hiccups like this email blast don’t help in the least.

7 thoughts on “Tandy Capitalized On Six Flags Job Losses

  1. From the headline to the end I kept thinking pls don’t make this loss a seeming opportunity for Tandy’s campaign. I never got as far as thinking that Tandy would use the loss of Kentucky’s largest teenage employer to fundraise?! His paragraph before is also disturbing given that the email is nothing but a fundraiser.

    Note to Tandy campaign…”statesmanship” is precisely not this.

  2. Like I said, I don’t think this email was Tandy’s decision. As much as I criticize him, he would not do this himself. But he needs to rectify the situation immediately.

  3. The real problem w/K.Kingdom is that when 6 Flags filed for Chapter 11 protection 8 months ago, Mayor Happy Pants and the Fair Board should have organized to begin the ‘deal cutting’ w/the Trustee in Bkcy — because I’m sure the other communities w/a 6 Flags Park did that. Instead Happy Pants was wandering around smiling, cutting ribbons, holding the Goober’s hand and twirling his wedding ring — while Louisville got ‘dealt out.’ Basically a failure of executive leadership and failure to understand what a Chapter 11 Bkcy is. Happy’s right when he says, its now in the Bkcy judge’s hands. But 8 months ago it WASN’T.

  4. “This is the type of leadership we’ve come to expect from David. He has spent his career putting principle ahead of politics—statesmanship ahead of gamesmanship.”

    I ALMOST CHOKED TO DEATH !…when i read this line!!

    “Putting Principle ahead of politics”….Must be a A DIFFERENT David Tandy then the one who’s running for Mayor in Louisville??

    Isn’t this the same Guy who PUNKED all the taxpayers and POLITICALLY protected the Crooks in Baltimore, buried the records that were being asked for about the spending of our tax dollars, by Signing a protective NDA…..NOW THAT!….was Principle over Politics!, OH! Sure!….He’ll put Principle over Politics when Lightning strikes him right between the Eyes!

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