Steve Pence Endorses Wicker for Congress

Former Lt. Governor Steve Pence has endorsed Republican Brooks Wicker for the 3rd District Congressional nomination.

Here’s a statement from Wicker:

“I am proud to announce the endorsement of former Lt. Governor Steve Pence.  Steve’s support provides a huge boost to our campaign and will help us continue to build on our strong grassroots organization,” Wicker said.  “Our campaign is gaining momentum each day as we continue to secure support from voters we encounter.  I look forward to announcing even more key endorsements in the near future.”

The only thing I can find out about Wicker is that he’s a CPA. That’s basically the only thing he discusses on his website.

But I did locate a few blog entries where he takes issue with Barack Obama and John Yarmuth.

Something tells me Yarmuth is going to waltz to victory – partisanship aside – because the Republican Party hasn’t yet been able to produce a candidate capable of beating him.

4 thoughts on “Steve Pence Endorses Wicker for Congress

  1. It’s obvious that the Jefferson County GOP has already given up on this race for two reasons:

    1) All five are no-names.

    2) There are _five_ running. Normally, the GOP hive pre-picks its candidate (like it has done in the mayor’s race), and sometimes creates the illusion of a race with two minor opponents. But not this time, apparently.

  2. Wow…from his web site, I wonder how long before the GOP turns on him?____

    [Likewise everyone should be required to have insurance. By forcing the healthy to have insurance the risk is spread even further and costs are decreased. The only function government should have in health care is to levy a cost on those who do not voluntarily participate, either through a tax penalty or through reductions in subsidies received. These funds would be turned over to the insurance companies who participate in the pool discussed below. Also anyone who managed to slip through the cracks would have any tax refunds due them confiscated in an amount sufficient to cover their costs just as we currently do for student loans. This would apply to non US citizens as well. ]

  3. Yarmuth was a “no name” and still is to alot of people. Alot of so called “no names “are going to win thsi year. One of which I hope is Lieut. Col. Todd Lally running against Yarmuth. It’s funny how comments seem to assume so much. maybe the commenters are “no names ” too.

  4. Last time I checked… Yarmuth had higher name ID than any candidate could have hoped for during his first campaign. He’d been the top dog at LEO for more than a decade and hundreds of thousands read what he had to say each week.

    No name? Not John.

    And, yes, every commenter on this post is a no name. Including myself.

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