Shannon White on Running for Mayor

I’ve been critical of Shannon White as she’s stumbled out of the mayoral campaign gates. But this week Phillip Bailey interviewed her in LEO. Take a look:

LEO: During one of the mayoral forums you said you entered the race because you saw “an uninspiring group of more of the same.” What did you mean by that?

Shannon White: When I look down the long table at these Democratic and Republican candidates, I tend to see people who are already represented in Metro government. I see people who have been around a long time and people who are not necessarily bringing a fresh perspective or new ideas to the table.


LEO: How would you handle the budgetary shortfalls the city has faced over the past few years?

SW: Turning the economy around and fixing the budget shortfall is so dependent on the (national) economy … and I know through my work at Dress for Success when we gave women suits, we didn’t just give them clothes, we gave them confidence to get back to work. And when people feel more confident about the economy turning around that’s when they get back to work and bring new jobs in. In a shortfall, hard decisions have to be made, and with my nonprofit experience I can really make a dollar stretch. In my personal life, we’ve had to tighten our belts as a family. And we expect the same from our government.

Click here for the entire interview.

My questions:

  • She says she’s offering fresh, new ideas – so what are they?
  • White says Louisville should tighten its belt – how/where?

Maybe someone else can answer those questions.

3 thoughts on “Shannon White on Running for Mayor

  1. Is my logic foggy or is that what is implied- by dressing right, you are motivated and will find a job? Where is this magical sparklely jobs unicorn that will bring new businesses here because we are dressed well? This sounds like a bad TLC show…

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