Republican Blames Yarmuth for Humana Layoffs

Republican Brooks Wicker is really stretching today, blaming Congressman John Yarmuth for Humana’s decision to can 2,500 people and hire on contract workers to replace those fired.

Check out part of his latest press release:

John Yarmuth has been a vocal supporter of the Pelosi-Reid health care takeover the Democrats tried to jam through Congress before voters in Boston took action. Mr. Yarmuth has even stated that he was going to vote for the bill “even if it cost him his job”.  Well, here is the evidence that it should cost him his job.

Health care reform is necessary, but the right kind of reform. We do not need to completely scrap a system that works for the majority of Americans. Instead, we should fix the parts that are broken to lower costs for everyone. The drastic proposals in the Pelosi-Reid bill, which Mr. Yarmuth so vocally supported, are not the answer.

Humana’s struggles show yet again just how Mr. Yarmuth is out of touch with the needs of his district.

Here’s a tip for Wicker: educate yourself before speaking publicly. Medicare Advantage plans, which are not Medicare, don’t cover a “majority of Americans.”

Apparently Wicker isn’t as familiar with John Yarmuth’s relationship with Humana as he should be. Suggesting that Yarmuth stands in lock-step with Speaker Pelosi isn’t just silly, it’s not a claim based in reality. At least not on the health care front.

If candidates think they’ve worthy of receiving our votes, it would behoove them to tell us about themselves rather than lob empty partisan attacks. Maybe Wicker could tell us how he plans to fix health care?  If Yarmuth is the devil, why is Wicker the coming savior?  Inquiring minds want to know.

8 thoughts on “Republican Blames Yarmuth for Humana Layoffs

  1. Wicker is apparently just another low-down Republican, taking license from cronies who’ve become practiced in taking stands based on no principles, no facts, no character, no humanity,no complexity. He’s simply playing pretend and hoping gullible people believe him.

    In less polite circles, he would be known simply as a liar.

  2. Typical lies from the Republicans. These people lied over 900 times about their faux reasoning for getting us into the Iraq war. So what’s a few more lies about death panels and other issues with health care. I guess when Wellpoint increases premiums by 39 percent no one should care. So instead of paying 500 a month, you’re paying 700 a month or if you’re paying 700 a month, pay a thousand. Its all good for you and if you end up broke because of the healthcare system, its perfectly ok, its the American way.

    Most of the Republicans have no solutions to the health care debacle, if they did, then they should shoot out the ideas. Its more along the lines of, hey, he’s a socialist and he’s associated with someone else and its like little old ladies in church that gossip all time. No real difference, no ideas, no policy issues, they talk nothing about what should be done. Just simple partisan attacks that some of the simple minds in this world follow along with because it sounds good.

  3. Tell us exactly when Yarmuth stood up to Pelosi in a meaningful manner. You made the assertion, now it’s up to you to prove it.

  4. Okay. You’re hands-down one of the most rude commenters on the entire site.

    But I’ll spell it out for you: CLICK THE LINK.

    Jesus christ.

  5. Ummmm, Mr. Wicker, HCR hasn’t passed Congress, so how on Earth could it have affected Humana’s jobs?

    On top of that, if the Senate HCR bill had passed and become what the President would sign into law, Humana would have had to dramatically increase its staff to handle all the many new people enrolling in health care plans.

  6. Instead of us blaming what is the solution to universal healthcare that won’t get into my pocket or put the US in tremendous debt? I think everyone should have healthcare but I should have to pay for it or pay any more in taxes to subsidize it. 1/3 of my pay is already enough and I think most would agree. I truly believe doctors should be compensated but I think the healthcare providers have driven themselves in this hole for profit and shareholders. How do we fairly compensate doctors, let healthcare providers return a profit to their shareholders, and make sure that everyone who needs medical attention gets it. Abuse of the system has cause a lot of these issues. Every little sniffle, ache, pain, and unnecessary ambulance transportation have really stretched the system. What do we do instead of blame the right or left? It is our problem and please don’t use the term liberal because I am far from that.

  7. Another idea. Why don’t we see if the folks in Congress and upper level government will donate their salaries and retirements to address the healthcare issues? It wouldn’t cover everything but it sure would be a start.

  8. In my world all 10,000 Humana employees would lose their jobs, because there would not be any heath insurance companies, it would be Medicade/Medicare for everybody. Why should we pay a middle man 30% of our health insurance dollars to decide whether we get treat or not.

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