Rep. Reginald Meeks Hits Frankfort Hacks

State Rep. Reginald Meeks is hitting back at Frankfort.

Check out this bit from his latest email blast:

Here’s what I know:

  • Pay Day lenders keep thousands of good Kentuckians in hoc, costing us millions. But a bill to bring these families relief is DOA
  • Cockfighting is apparently the real state sport
  • Coal reserves must be endless, and
  • one legislator’s fear of lottery ticket buyers being herded like sheep to the corner convenience store led to a 20 year ban on informing you exactly where lottery proceeds go and how they are spent. [I’m not sure, but I’m fairly certain we have not missed the $7 – 10 million each year we left sitting on the table because we chose to not be transparent with our citizens…..]

Also, if you have a problem with a state agency, gut the agency and put their personnel on traffic patrol.
And whatever you do, take all the federal money you can get your needy little paws on — but keep “them” as far away from “us” as possible. . .

People can and do put political ideology, dogma and expedience over common sense, sound public policy and good government, but I am as shocked to learn this as you are.



7 thoughts on “Rep. Reginald Meeks Hits Frankfort Hacks

  1. Thank you Reggie. Why don’t we make cock fighting legal at the tracks. We could have cook outs with the losers. The red necks from Eastern Ky may see the tracks in a new light and then allow slots at the tracks. It sounds like the cock fighters don’t want legal gambling just like the bootleggers don’t want liquor sales in their counties.
    Maybe King David has a “cock pit” in his county he may be protecting

  2. “Dennis” – I see a lot of truth/irony in your geographic comparison of cock fighting & horse racing. Hmmmm… Can we actually build statewide support for expanded gaming from your analogy??

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