Kentucky Kingdom Meltdown Has Begun

Okay, okay. I get it. Everybody and their mother is freaking out over Kentucky Kingdom. Especially mayoral candidates.

Shannon White:

“As a past seasonal employee of Kentucky Kingdom, and manager of the Games Department for two years, I know the vital importance of these jobs for our economy. I encourage The Kentucky State Fair Board and Kentucky Kingdom to get to the negotiation table and compromise to avoid losing crucial employment opportunities in Louisville.”

David Tandy & Hal Heiner:

In a bi-partisan effort Councilman David Tandy and Councilman Hal Heiner have joined together today to call on Six Flags and the Fair Board to come back to the table for re-negotiations.  Councilman Heiner and Councilman Tandy are offering to work with their council colleagues to keep one of Louisville’s top tourist attractions here in the Metro.  Councilman Tandy stated, “Six Flags is a valuable employment center for seasonal workers and a national attraction for tourism that Louisville must support.”

The Councilmen plan to meet with the Louisville Jefferson County Legislative Delegation, State Fair Board and Six Flags to stress the importance of coming to an agreement for the good of the Commonwealth, Louisville and Six Flags.  “The stakes are too high for us to sit idly by while Louisville watches yet another employer leave town”, said Councilman Heiner.

Councilmen Tandy and Heiner will hold a joint press conference today at 2:00 PM at the Six Flags main gate.

And some inappropriate commentary from me:

It is hilarious for me to watch Doug Proffitt read news about Kentucky Kingdom on-air:

This situation may be terrible for Louisville, but the only thing going through my head last night as Proffitt spoke was schadenfreude. Cause you just know he is clenched up like woah and about to, you know… pop a vein as the text scrolls on the prompter.

Oh, and P.S.: folks in the governor’s office tell me this does not come as a surprise. And folks at Six Flags say they’ve been making it clear for weeks that this would occur if the fair board wasn’t willing to negotiate.

10 thoughts on “Kentucky Kingdom Meltdown Has Begun

  1. Let’s not forget here that we’re talking about a company that’s currently in bankruptcy and wose share prices has dropped from $23 to 25 cents over the past couple of years. I hate to see any employer leave town, but it’s not like they had a particularly bright future.

  2. The joint release by Tandy/Heiner seems to put the blame equally on the parties, even while the appearance is that Six Flags is the only one acting in bad faith. What reason do we have for disbelieving what the Fair Board has claimed in detail?

  3. Apparently youg Sidney doesn’t enjoy amusement parks.

    On the other hand, the mayor could give Cordish $5 million, and they’ll open up a Starbucks there “when the economy improves.” Coffee with Paris Hilton during the Derby would be great, I’m sure.

  4. The way it all works is The Mayor always wants to pick the Winners & the Losers!!

    Not to mention I guess Six Flags didn’t want to give him a cut like Cordish?

  5. A few reasons Six Flags should feel their lease proposal was reasonable, as reported:

    1: Cordish and 4th Street Live
    2. Titan Development (or whatever they call themselves now) and their 100 year, $1 lease agreement with the city for the Naval Ordnance property.
    3. Museum Plaza, and the millions upon millions the state is throwing at that development in the event it actually gets built.

    What in the hell was Harold Workman waiting for? He didn’t see a risk in not doing whatever he could, as soon as he could, to try to prevent this from happening? Did he think he had the luxury of negotiating with a thriving business in a thriving economy, who needed the location more than the location needed it?

    Every time I see one of our state or local goofballs muff yet another opportunity, I can’t help but think of the scene in the movie Hunt for Red October, where the Russian officer yells to his captain “You arrogant ass! You’ve killed us!” just before his submarine is blown to smithereens by it’s own torpedo.

  6. Prediction — lawsuits to follow.

    Six Flags said they were going to take many of the rides and move them to other parks. The Fair Board says the rides are part of the property and don’t belong to Six Flags. May get really interesting.

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