Friday Morning Dept of Loving/Hating Frankfort

These heathen legislators should be ashamed! Trying to force sex ed on our unassuming children. What’s next, marrying our pets? [Joe Gerth]

The Jefferson County Republican Party’s Lincoln Day Dinner will be held on February 19. [Press Release]

Six Flags is closing Kentucky Kingdom. This isn’t exactly, you know, great news for the city. [C-J]

Why are so many men in love with ’57 Chevys? And what should you do on Valentine’s Day? Fairdale Bigfoot has the answers. And he’s still running for mayor. [Consuming Louisville]

Wealthy UofL president Jim Ramsey is leading the fight against the state legislature. Ramsey thinks it’s great to force all students to buy into a $350 meal plan – even if they have no way to use the plan. All to pay for a contract that was signed without regard to, you know, the reality of our economic situation. [Nancy Rodriguez]

Scott Ritcher’s monorail plan from 1998 was pretty spiff. Too bad Denise Harper Angel had to drag him through the mud during the last campaign because she was offended that someone is smarter than her. [Broken Sidewalk]

If you haven’t read this story about Jack Ditty secretly videotaping Robin Webb, get on it right away. It’s the most hilarious story this week. [Page One]

And this is what passes for representation in Frankfort these days. Crazy old men going crazy on CNN. [More Page One]

A UofL news release says that people who keep guns at home are much more likely to hurt or kill themselves or a loved one than to stop an intruder. [Click the Clicky]

7 thoughts on “Friday Morning Dept of Loving/Hating Frankfort

  1. I remember when I was 15 or 16 working at the Phillips 66 on Preston Highway just north of the Watterson, next to Coke Station (which was an old tavern and dance hall). A guy pulled in in a ’57 Chevy Nomad for gas. I looked and looked to take off the cap but couldn’t find it. The owner watched this as I am sure he had watched it many times before. Does anyone know where the gas cap is hidden?

    The muscle cars of the late 1950s, all of the 1960s and some of the early 1970s, especially GM’s, were some of the best cars ever built. I had a ’67 Chevy II Nova in high school and later a ’68 Mustang Convertible, which more than a few politicians have used to ride in parades.

    It’s all gone. All I’ve got now is this baby Chevy Aveo and an old Ford pickup.

    Now I’m singing Sprinsteen’s “Glory Days.”


  2. The weight and styling were the biggest factor for the 1957. I think it also had the ram-jet fuel injection which made it comparable to the fer less stylish Chrysler Hemi 300 at the time.

    That said, I think they continue today as classics because they were some of the last performance cars manufactured with body-on-frame construction. The car makers including Chevy, started to switch over to monocoque designs with the Covair in the 1960s, which weren’t as easy to convert, customize, and restricted the variability of styling changes.

    There is no doubt that while 1950s-1960s cares are some of the most appreciated and enjoyable (ie. best) cars every made, cars today are far better mechanically and safety-wise.

    You would think the 2009 Chevy Malibu would get obliterated by the huge steel 1959 Chevy Bel Air.

    While monocoque body design is far safer, lighter, and responsive, it’s just not as damn good looking and fun to tinker with!

  3. Ooooh, the Linclon Day Dinner on February 19th…will J.D. Sparks be there too ? If so, maybe I should buy a ticket, just in case Jonathan Meador goes again. I’d like to see “Round Two” and videotape it myself. Actually, in all seriousness, let’s hope that if Jonathan goes again, no Republican with a ego problem assaults him and that Sparks has the decency and common sense to stay away.

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