ALERT! Courier-Journal Passively Hits Abramson

Woah woah woah. The Courier-Journal editorial board is loosely attacking Jerry Abramson in the trans fats debate!

Check it:

It’s never a good thing when solid public health policy is sidetracked by wobbly-kneed politics.


Mayor Jerry Abramson’s backbone went missing, and he declared publicly that he wouldn’t support a ban.

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Is this a sign that the editorial board is slowly waking up to the fact that 99% of the region stands against it? Or is this posturing just because Abramson is finished politically and on his way out the door?

Either way, we’re all pleased to see it. It’s just too bad the folks at the C-J have waited until it’s too late.

5 thoughts on “ALERT! Courier-Journal Passively Hits Abramson

  1. One thing the C-J won’t learn is that you can’t earn back lost credibility quickly. The reason they won’t learn it is because in their small circle, nobody is aware they ever lost it.

  2. Earl, well said, well said.

    I recently received a call from a poor sould trying to sell us the CJ. I asked if they had gotten their heads out of their ass yet. The poor lady just stuttered, and I felt guilty so I made some apologies and told her no.

  3. “Why would anyone NOT support a trans-fat ban? Do they want to die an early death?”

    Because w/out it my fries taste like crap!

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