Monday Morning Makes Me Miss The Weekend

Allow me to get personal for a moment: I think John Varanese is hands-down one of the best chefs in the city. Very rarely can I walk into a higher end establishment and ask the chef to prepare two vegetarian meals on the fly and actually get something worth eating. He and his crew at Varanese really pulled their weight Saturday night and made dinner with a dear friend a tremendous experience. Never really sure how to heap praise on something from my personal life, but, well, I highly recommend you stop by the Frankfort Avenue hot spot soon. (All right for that cocktail & wine list!) [Just My Random Thoughts]

Why is the University of Louisville paying Alicia Sells even though she hasn’t lobbied for the school since November? And why is there an agreement to use her as a consultant? What does this woman know and why is she being paid off? Somebody at UofL needs to start talking. [Nancy Rodriguez]

The city can give Cordish a giant forgivable loan to “develop” Fourth Street Live. So why can’t it give Six Flags the same to keep Kentucky Kingdom functional? Or why not forgive the lease, sell Six Flags the tract of land and self-finance it? There’s nothing else they’re gonna do with that land. [Deep Thoughts From a Reader]

What a failure, Louisville. You need to try harder. There’s no reason we shouldn’t be one of the drunkest cities in America. [HuffPo]

This is awesome, right? Took days before a call system told area residents about chemical vapors. Nice. [C-J]

Jack Conway just does not care for Sen. Shelby and issued this statement Saturday afternoon, “Senator Shelby’s decision to hold the government hostage to obtain special favors for his state is distasteful. It is reminiscent of the backroom deal on health care struck by Senator Ben Nelson, D-NE, in December.” [Press Release]

Everybody should see this documentary about the first black marines. [C-J]

4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Makes Me Miss The Weekend

  1. I must say that the whole Kentucky Kingdom situation is befuddling. There has to be something I’m missing because it makes no sense not to work with Six Flags for the short term.

    With any corporate shutdown or move, there is a tremendous expense involved with relocating, liquidating, and selling the existing infrastructure. This is why many corporations continue to operate unprofitable businesses.

    That said, once that decision has been made and implemented, the same costs are going to be associated with developing the same infrastructure to redevelopment the site again.

    My only guess is that the State Fair Board and the city believe that the property can be redeveloped more profitably with additional hotels, conference space, and restaurants. Given the low profit generating record of the park, redeveloping the property may very well may be more profitable in the long run.

    If that’s the case, the lack of transparency regarding that decision, makes you question who has plans for that property and who could financially benefit.

    If future financial revenues or personal financial gain have been prioritized over teen jobs and a recreational option for the Louisville families, it should be disclosed.

    We’ll eventually be able to follow the money trail, and probably find out why these decisions are being made today.

  2. It is indeed easy to have suspicions with the current crew in charge in the mayor’s office. It has crossed my mind as well that there might be some degree of PR-finessing going on, that all of this is really happening according to a plan. If that turns out to be true, it means we have considerably further to go with transparency in this town.

  3. on a lighter note…
    i agree about veranese. being a vegetarian myself, there arent too many places that cater to our needs. and those who do, dont try very hard. ive never been to veranese and not had excellent food. :)

  4. MARK H. How right you are, Just Follow the money trail!….it’s just about always that simple. Just need to get rid of the current back room leaders we have that can’t be trusted to BE Transparent and give accurate and Truthfull information.

    Who knows Jerry & Bruce could be wanting that spot for future Cordish deals for a Casino!

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