Your Monday Morning of Lawyering & Educating

Everyone seems upset that Lee Eldridge left WAVE. It’s been two weeks since people started emailing us. Goodness. [Just Saying]

Louisville mayoral candidate Connie Marshall has written in about, well, various things. What are your thoughts? [The ‘Ville Voice]

Our condolences to Councilman George Unseld who lost his wife, Jacqueline, on the 21st. [Obit]

Maybe some day Louisville drivers will learn to respect pedestrians. But maybe not. [Broken Sidewalk]

When federal judges are cracking jokes about you, you know you’re nearing the end of your reign as governor. This is quite possibly the most awful story written about Beshear yet. And I love it. [Joe Gerth]

Inside the arena: the view from the nosebleeds. [More Broken Sidewalk]

See??? This is why I live for Architectural Salvage. [Consuming Louisville]

This morning at 10:30 Jerry Abramson and John Yarmuth will announce plans for the 2010 Youth Opportunities Unlimited Showcase. The job fair will aid teenagers seeking summer employment. [Media Advisory]

Is it cool for these guys to want a portion of Hans Poppe’s legal fee if they didn’t perform the work? Chime in, lawyerfolk. [Andy Wolfson]

Rep. Joni Jenkins’ HB 305 would make it illegal for the University of Louisville to charge mandatory athletic and meal fees for students who commute to school. [Page One]