Tuesday Morning’s a Good Time To Give Back

The 12th Annual Louisville Jewish Film Festival is February 13-21. [JCC]

Nope, Louisville still doesn’t have a crime problem. Not at all. [C-J]

What’s the future of the old Cafe Mimosa have in store for the Highlands? [Broken Sidewalk]

Dare to Care’s Kids Cafe is expanding to five nights per week to feed youth at risk of hunger. SO GIVE BACK! Don’t let the disaster in Haiti let you forget about our responsibilities here at home. [Give Back to Dare to Care]

Yesterday Jim King officially announced his candidacy for mayor by releasing his stance on libraries and parks. [Sheldon Shafer]

Today’s the last day to file for office in Kentucky. You ready, crazies? You’ve only got til 4:00 P.M. [Page One]

This Sunday you should be at Locust Grove talking about the architectural history of Louisville. [Consuming Louisville]

Rand Paul’s demand that Trey Grayson resign is a little bit out of this world. [Fat Lip]

If that Genny’s Diner guy would sell me that house that’s almost burned down a couple times for $1,000? I’d buy it. And he’d stay out of jail. [C-J]

1 thought on “Tuesday Morning’s a Good Time To Give Back

  1. the City should do id Stop being a Bully!W doesn’t the city buy the house from Farris?….No One is ever going to want to live in that spot & the chance of getting a tenant as a commerical user at this time and climate is doubtfull?….Typical of the City just Screwing with another LOCAL SMALL Business, trying to break their backs.Bunch of Pompus Asshles!The Guy down their cooking hamburgers just wants a few parking spacesm and he’s being treated like he’s commited Treason!!!…What a bunch od ridiclous Crap! I bet if it was SWIFT they would have torn it down already and Tandy would have put the FIX in!…..BTW who is the Councilman for Farris & GEnnys Diner Location?

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