Shannon White Filing for Mayor Today

So that’s her name.

From the press release:

This morning, Shannon White, will file The Notification and Declaration form at the  Jefferson County Election Center to join the Democratic Mayoral Primary race. Founder of Dress for Success Louisville, past president of The Young Professional Association of Louisville and Finance Director for Congressman John Yarmuth, Shannon White will add a new perspective to the current field of candidates. White will declare her intentions on the Francene Show at 9AM EST followed by the filing at 10AM EST.

Members of the media are invited to attend.

I’m taking bets on how crowded this primary is going to get.

4 thoughts on “Shannon White Filing for Mayor Today

  1. My guess is 9 Dems, 3 Reps, and 2 Independents.
    The winner of the Democratic primary (my guess is Tyler Allen, the only one, as Francene said on her show, who “has specific ideas”) will get less than 30% of the vote, resulting in a split party allowing the Republican (Hal Heiner, unless the third person is Cathy Bailey, in which case they will split the anti-Thieneman vote allowing him to win) to be our next mayor.

  2. Thieneman is too angry a person to win a campaign. His seething is impossible not to detect. Louisvillians never elect angry people.

    But I do agree that the Democrats could very well end up with what common political wisdom would declare a “dark horse”.

    Heiner will have it pretty easy in the general election only if he’s not facing a “house cleaner”. In my estimation, Allen is the only Democrat who is willing to clean up city government.

    An Allen-Heiner race would be H-O-T.

  3. I predict that on the first Saturday in May, we’ll have as many declared mayoral candidates as starters in the Derby.

    Maybe they can have their own race around the paddock over at Churchill…

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