Quick, Everybody Pray For Doug Hawkins

Here’s one thing mayoral candidate Jackie Green loves about Louisville. [Consuming Louisville]

Mike Sodrel apparently wants history to repeat itself every two years, forever, amen. [Press Release]

Let’s make this new cleaners/condo/shop thingy happen on Bardstown Road. [C-J]

Tyler Allen raised $10,000 in the last 48 hours of the quarter. He’s scheduled to officially file for office tomorrow at noon. [Press Releases]

Poor Doug “Protector of Our White Women” Hawkins is getting a primary opponent. [WFPL]

Anybody have thoughts on the Coalition for the Homeless stepping up to the plate for Wayside Christian Mission? The organization is backing the lawsuit alleging the city violated federal law when it stopped Wayside from moving to the Highlands. [C-J]

Does Tom Riner know what EMO really means – outside of education? Also, HMOs for schools? Really? Wait… HOMOS FOR SCHOOLS? Oh noes. [WAVE3]

Gilles Meloche applied for a job in Columbus, Ohio. But guess what? The administration there ran so quickly from him it isn’t funny. Can’t sexually harass people and kill animals willy nilly and get away with it. [Sources]

Hal Heiner’s has shared his opinion on take-home care fees: “Now is the time for the Mayor and his representatives to halt their appeal, and instead begin talks with representatives of our Police Officers to put this dispute to an end. Rather than adjudicate this for years, we need to put this matter behind us and find an acceptable answer for this contentious legal fight.” Where are our other councilcritters? [Press Release]

Today at 3:00 the University of Louisville will unveil new officers for Military and Veterans Services. Both Jim Ramsey and Shirley Willihnganz are scheduled to speak. Since this is for veterans, I won’t show up and ask them about anonymous crap. [Press Release]

4 thoughts on “Quick, Everybody Pray For Doug Hawkins

  1. “If you have people whose lively hoods and companies livelihoods depend on their record of being objective and being effective to successfully turn around a school, there is a lot of motivation,” said Riner.

    All of the hoods I’ve ever seen have been a bit depressed or run-down. Nice job, WAVE 3.

  2. If Mike Sodrel is the best the Republicans can do, those who seek change will have to look elsewhere.
    Look at this turkey’s record in the house.

  3. As a gay individual I find the following inappropriate:
    “Also, HMOs for schools? Really? Wait… HOMOS FOR SCHOOLS? Oh noes.”

    This is just as offensively homophobic as the CJ tweet from a few days ago.

  4. Never mind that a known homosexual wrote it because a known homophobe is touting it. That same known homosexual has harped on the man for years. And that same known homosexual says “homo” on the internet every five seconds in reference to everything.

    So, yeah, I can see how it’s just as discriminatory as a heterosexual male belittling transgendered individuals. Good call.

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