9 thoughts on “New J-Town Logo & Industrial Park Reinvention

  1. As an amateur logo designer and as a business owner in the current Bluegrass Industrial Park, I prefer the blue street-sign style logo and the name Bluegrass Commerce Park.

    The font of the blue logo and the design of its gaslight just feel like they fit better with J-Town’s historic and strong personality. The green logo just feels “Web 2.0”-ey to me, and makes me think of online start-up companies that last less than a year.

    The name Bluegrass Commerce Park keeps the word “park” as a nod to the previous name and as a look forward to what I hope is a more park-like landscape with sidewalks and bike lanes. I would also guess it would cause less confusion to Louisvillians who didn’t realize the name had changed and would be able to guess that the BCP refers to the old industrial park.

    See what I did there? I like acronyms for long names, and I think the Bluegrass Commerce Park could also be known as the BCP. We couldn’t get away with calling the Bluegrass Business Center the BBC since that acronym is already locally taken. Score another for the BCP!

  2. Personally, I think both logos look like they were designed for a residential subdivision. Neither one of them says BUSINESS IS DONE HERE! to me.

    Reminds me of the entrance to Narnia in The Lion, the Witch & The Wardrobe. Sometimes those small town tie-ins just don’t work, ya know?

    Hmmm….maybe they should call it the ‘Bluegrass Wish We Had Some Business Park’ or the ‘Bluegrass Commerce Would Be Nice Park’ ?

    Maybe a nice statue of Mr. Tumnis…

  3. The slogan is unimaginative, uninspiring, smacks of dated thinking, and its message placing ‘commerce’ on an equal footing with ‘community’ seems designed to make the city welcoming only to conservatives.

    The graphics are acceptable, though.

  4. as someone who spends a lot of time in the Bluegrass Industrial Park (doing a lot of business, edensprings!), i think it’s going to be tough to make any name change stick.

    especially in the city that still gives directions based on the old sears store…

  5. Little bit a stretch to make a social statement out of this.

    The problem is that graphically, the Gaslight does absolutely nothing to promote the message of commerce. The top logo looks very 1980s and the bottom logo has poor colors. It looks like a logo promoting tourism of a historic district and not an industrial/commercial business park. They need to lose or diminish the gaslight as a focus, if they want to push the commerce angle.

    A business isn’t going to move to a community because of a logo anyway, they are going to go there because of location and logistics, labor costs, and taxes.

  6. The gaslight is a key symbol of JTown’s heritage. If I lived thee, I would raise holy cain if it were stripped from the logo.

    They probably should strip the slogan out of the logo. If they do that, then they can try out various slogans to see which ones stick.

  7. How about:

    Jeffersontown, where commerce meets an extra 1.5% payroll tax.

    By moving my office from Bunsen Way to Middletown 5 years ago, I gave my employees and extra 1.5% increase in their salaries.

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