Larry Hausman Responds Directly to Allegations

After scrutiny yesterday, Republican congressional candidate Larry Hausman’s campaign released a statement about his controversial past.

But matters heated up during the evening hours and Hausman has responded directly to claims he had a, well, just read it for yourself:

Let me be transparent… I was a party boy back then. I wish I could take back the things I did. I’ve tried to make amends to those I’ve hurt and continue to welcome the opportunity to do so. However, hard drugs like cocaine were confined to my years before Tewligans. In fact, I worked very hard to keep it out of the bar. Additionally, it was at Tewligans that I began to see I had a problem rooted in alcoholism and smoking pot. And through some of my patrons’ behavior I came to realize I was exactly like those I despised when under the influence. Thus began my real recovery. I got help and have maintained a spiritual program (now church) ever since.

The story about shotguns and cocaine is itself untrue (as is the rumor of a drug related arrest). The event in question may have occurred under a different owner’s tenure (there were 9 in all), and the commenter may be confusing me with one of them. However, I am in no way intending for this to excuse my lifestyle back then.

Obviously I knew these stories would come out, and fully considered this as I made my decision to run. I was no angel, and to those who think I have no place in high office, I respect their right to vote for someone else.


Larry Hausman

I think he’s to be commended for his honesty.

10 thoughts on “Larry Hausman Responds Directly to Allegations

  1. Good lord, how is anyone supposed to run for anything? We all have pasts, and who wants someone that lived in a “campaign safe” bubble their whole lives? Kudos to Larry, and he’s exactly right. You don’t like it? Vote for someone else.

  2. Sorry, we all smoked a little pot in our teens, but it did not consume our lives. We also drank a little alcohol, but we didn’t become alcoholics. Cocaine abuse just took it to the next level.

    I will be voting for someone else. Thank you.

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