Julie Tam Says She’s Leaving Fox 41

From her Facebook fan page:

BIG CAREER ANNOUNCEMENT: This Fan Page is where you’ll find all the information and future updates, so check back soon.

leaving WDRB-TV FOX 41 in early 2010, after more than 4 years as a news
reporter and anchor here. Early on, I fell in love with Louisville and
the surrounding towns throughout Ke…ntucky and Southern Indiana, where
I’ve traveled to cover news and on my own time for pleasure. It’s a
beautiful and convenient place to live. I love our house and our
exquisite neighborhood. Now it’s time to move on. My husband and I are
weighing different options, including our family priorities and job
opportunities elsewhere. So, if anyone else wants to offer me a job, hurry! I
will continue running my business, The Application Masters –
www.TheApplicationMasters.com — and being a mortgage financier (I deal
only with exclusive clients). I also will continue my volunteer work
with Crane House: The Asia Institute (as long as I’m in Louisville),
Rice University (I’m an alum), and Asian American Journalists
Association. My public appearances continue, even after my departure from FOX 41: I’ll be emceeing the Asian New Year Dinner & Auction
at The Henry Clay in downtown Louisville on Saturday, February 20
– an elegant, annual celebration and fundraiser for Crane House, with
Honorary Chairs Dr. and Mrs. James R. Ramsey (University of Louisville
president and his wife).

make this announcement with a heavy heart, as I have made very close
friends in the Louisville/Southern Indiana area. I’ve been given great
opportunities and promotions at FOX 41, I’ve grown as a journalist, and
I’ve learned a lot from my co-workers. My work has given me the chance
to interview prominent people like Hillary Clinton on the campaign
trail for the Democratic nomination for President, to cover the
Kentucky Derby several times, to bring about government policy changes,
to tell very personal stories of people in our community, and the list
goes on. I’m grateful that so many viewers have tuned in night after
night and local organizations have invited me to be a part of their
events as emcee, moderator, lecturer, performer, guest reader to school
children, and other roles.

No word on whether or not Tam is leaving on her volition. In her message, she says she’ll continue to operate her business, The Application Masters (yes, T.A.M.), and about 45 other things. So one could assume (maybe?) that station management just decided not to renew her contract.

I’ll never forget the infamous blue glove story (seriously – not being mean here, but… that was hilarious) or all the other times she made us cringe and smile.

We love the Taminator and will forever follow her on the Twitter Machine.

10 thoughts on “Julie Tam Says She’s Leaving Fox 41

  1. It’s always a real gas to search “Tweeting too hard” for the Taminator’s 140 character bits of self-congratulation and see how many “back pats” she’s collected.

  2. She did seem to excessively “verbally embellish” her activities and their importance. Somehow the redundant use of “exclusive” turned me off. She’s not a fixture here who cannot be replaced. (We KNOW who those people are, & what they brought to the media & the community, and miss them regularly.)

  3. She’s been here 4 years and has covered “several Kentucky Derbys”

    When did they start having two derby’s every year?

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