8 thoughts on “Jtown Releases New Branding & Park Name

  1. Hey! At least somebody is getting something new.

    Kentucky sure can’t get anything new. Not a new governor, not a new tax structure, not a new legislator. And at this point I’d settle for just a few piles of dog poop to run the state.

  2. The smiley face sun state license plate was new….

    I just can’t believe that I have to suffer through yet another Mike Sodrel v. Baron Hill race. If Ann Northrop decides to jump into the the Yarmuth race, I’m going to slit my wrists.

    It’s like the movie Groundhog Day, without the pleasure of getting to hang out with Andie MacDowell all day.

  3. $70,000 for a new name and logo. That’ll really bring in the business. I’d expect Commerce Park to be at 95% capacity within the next 12 months thanks to this change.

  4. Then it would have still cost $20,000 Steve. You just don’t appreciate the value here.

    The money spent on the logo would have been wasted without the money spent on the slogan to close the deal.

  5. My second choice came out first – go figure.

    At least a few years back that “commerce” component, wisely annexed by J-town in the nick of time, appreciably held down property taxes for the residents of the “community” component.

    “Unbridled Spirit” is the only positive contribution to come out of Frankfort for many years.

  6. To me this says: “We’re a vibrant, cutting-edge, forward-looking, cliche-spewing group that doesn’t mind spending tremendous amounts of money for a bit of clip-art that’s too wide for the name we had slapped on it.”

    They should have asked some kid with a copy of Paint Shop Pro for ideas.

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