It’s Mayoral Campaign Finance Doozy Time

By now we all know how much Louisville’s mayoral candidates have raised for their various campaigns. But where’d they get that cash? And what are they spending it on?

Let’s take a look at the highlights from their campaign finance reports:

Hal Heiner

  • $149,628.91 in receipts
  • $81,030.80 in disbursements

Notable Contributions:

  • Anne Northup $1,000
  • Kevin Kramer $100
  • Teresa Bachman $1,000
  • Stephen Bachman $1,000
  • Rebecca Jackson $600
  • Bob McIntire $1,000
  • Matthew Thornton $250
  • Jim Patterson $1,000
  • Dan Jones $1,000
  • John Schnatter $1,000
  • Ken Towery $1,000
  • Tom Drexler $250
  • Chris Sternberg $250
  • Jude Thompson $1,000
  • Whitney Headlee $500
  • Stuart Benson $500
  • Steve Pence $1,000
  • David Jones $1,000
  • Leonard Moisan $250 (also gave to Greg Fischer)
  • Hunter Bates $1,000
  • Jonathan Blue $500
  • Richard Kolb $20 (sent me some sweet hate mail after a radio appearance defending myself against crooked Steve Henry)
  • Bob Deweese $250
  • $1,000 from Mitch McConnell’s Bluegrass Committee PAC

NOTE – Tandy’s campaign sent in the disbursements and they have been updated after the jump.

See Heiner’s disbursements and information from our other mayoral candidates after the jump…

Notable Disbursements:

  • $1,800 deposit for a fundraiser at The Patron (I wholeheartedly approve! Mmmm!) – $106,250 was raised there
  • All kinds of cash to Ellen Reitmeyer for fundraising

I’m left wondering how it’s humanly possible for Heiner’s camp to so frequently neglect to report spousal and employer information.

Chris Thieneman

  • $121,156.60 in receipts
  • $16,651.47 in disbursements
  • Loaned himself $100,000

Notable Contributions:

  • His entire family
  • Dan Seum contributed $1,000
  • Jim Patterson contributed $1,000

No word on whether or not these numbers include payments/services he’s providing a couple “journalists” in exchange for positive press.

Greg Fischer

  • $212,550 in receipts
  • $144,904.76 in disbursements (hello, huge burn rate!)

Notable Contributions:

  • The entire crew at Larry Clark’s company, United Electric
  • Every wealthy CEO you can count
  • The Musselman Hotelier family
  • Edie Bingham $1,000
  • Scott Trager $1,000
  • Humana is really coming out for him
  • Sam Swope $500
  • Gus Goldsmith $1,000
  • Ed Bonnie $1,000
  • Ed Perry $200
  • Steve Paradis $200
  • Patty Swope $250
  • Mike Mays $250
  • Ron Weston $500
  • Larry Clark $540
  • The Willow Crew ponied up huge
  • William Mapother $250
  • Joe Ardery $500
  • Carl Bensinger $350
  • Fran Yarmuth $1,000
  • John Neace $500
  • Mark Riddle $400 (not that Mark Riddle)
  • Jim Gray (that Jim Gray) $200
  • Lindy Casebier $250
  • Denise Harper Angel $200
  • Tom Dorman $500
  • John Conti $1,000
  • Every physician on the planet who has ever worked with Greg’s wife
  • Steve Clements $200
  • Kevin Grangier $510

Notable Disbursements:

  • Lisa Tanner – Political Consulting/Field Director – $16,250
  • Research Endeavors – Polling – $1,999.83
  • Clarence Yancey – $750 “reimbursement” for buying the black vote
  • $112.36 on balloons for an open house event
  • $544.10 on open house supplies
  • $1,470 for an open house sound system
  • $1,319.70 on pencils
  • Will Carle – Finance/Employee – $6,519.28 (time to ask for more money)
  • Jamiel Martin – Deputy Field Director – $15,000
  • $4,375.33 for video production

On an interesting note: Greg contributed $100 to Kimberly Greenwell after just months ago turning his nose up at her.  At least he’s more open and transparent than the other candidates in this race.

Tyler Allen

  • $66,199.98 in receipts
  • $10,000 loan from himself to his campaign
  • $42,518.26 in disbursements

Notable Contributions:

  • Jimmy Moore $100
  • Dan Jones $1,000
  • Lucie Stites $600
  • Edith Bingham $1,000
  • Ken Herndon $200
  • David Tachau $250
  • Cyril Allgeier $100
  • Tom Owen $50
  • Mary Clay Stites $1,000
  • David Jones $1,000
  • Creighton & Clare Mershon $250
  • Jon Salomon $100
  • Nolen Allen $1,000

Notable Disbursements:

  • $3,000 to Nesbitt Research Group for candidate research (or polling?)
  • Lots and lots of cash on printing and design ($831.55 on a logo)
  • $2,900 to NGP Software – which means Allen plans to do major fundraising

David Tandy

  • $87,214 in receipts
  • $47,072.55 in disbursements

Notable Contributions:

  • Lots of out-of-staters
  • Ulysses “Junior” Bridgeman $1,000
  • Ed Glasscock $250
  • Ollie Barber $250
  • Alice Houston $500
  • Wade Houston $1,000
  • Brooke Pardue $150
  • $900 from himself
  • Ron Tasman $1,000
  • Bernie Trager $1,000
  • Jeremy Horton $250
  • Kevin Cosby $1,000
  • Owsley Frazier $1,000
  • Julie Carr (Yarmuth’s COS) $200

Notable Disbursements:
$47,000+ worth that weren’t itemized on his report – wonder what he’s got to hide? All right for campaign finance transparency. I’ve requested the entire report from Megan, but we won’t hold our breath waiting to receive it.

UPDATE: Tandy’s campaign finally passed along the disbursements. Let’s take a look…

  • $8,000 to Demos Political Consulting/Richard Coelho
  • $9,500 to megan brown – consulting / campaign manager
  • $7,038.40 to Kyle Vaugh – Deputy Finance Director
  • $8,112.82 to Albert H.J. Avant – Deputy Finance Director
  • $2,629.87 on printing
  • $1,364.10 on postage
  • $400 to St. Stephen Church for tickets

Pretty good burn rate. It’s clear where his focus is: raising that dough.

Jim King
The Kentucky Registry of Election Finance still hasn’t released King’s report. Officials from the King Campaign promised the report to us on Friday, but nothing has shown up and those officials haven’t responded to subsequent requests and follow-up messages.  Not sure what we’re supposed to assume when a campaign doesn’t take campaign finance transparency seriously, but it is unacceptable.

11 thoughts on “It’s Mayoral Campaign Finance Doozy Time

  1. Thanks Jake for keeping updated on King’s non-reporting.

    Also bothersome is that even from the previous reporting period (3rd quarter, ending 9/30/09), there is no disbursement breakdown… just a total.

    I think people need to realize that if they support King, they would be getting a mayor who doesn’t believe in transparency, and that would not be an improvement over the current mayor in that regard.

  2. Non-reporting? KREF just hasn’t published it.

    The disbursements were submitted, according to KREF, they just didn’t put them on the web.

  3. Well, at any rate, if the itemized disbursements for the 4th quarter aren’t posted, it will be even more red meat for King’s opponents.

    Also, why would KREF choose not to post disbursement details for King, but post them for Fischer? Something doesn’t add up here.

  4. It’s commonplace. KREF does things half-assed 24/7.

    They didn’t publish Tandy’s disbursements, either.

    Just depends on what KREF feels like doing at any given moment, honestly. Occasionally they just don’t feel like doing anything and then citizens have to spend their own money getting a corrupt former Lt. Governor through the system. Occasionally KREF won’t audit someone because they’re a powerful elected. Occasionally something gets done the way it’s supposed to be.

  5. I’m sure about 10,000 KREF employees are going to come try to de-nut me in my sleep, but whatever.

    I’d love for KREF to just get shit right and not follow the jacked up path of the FEC.

  6. Really? I called the King Camp again today asking for them before going about more important business.

    Once they provide the report or KREF publishes it, I’ll update with the data.

  7. One of these days someone needs to do a story on the Clarence Yancey machine. I’ve worked a couple campaigns in the West End, and it’s pretty bad

  8. You mean the story about how Clarence has a handful of people who vote the way he tells them to vote and candidates fall for it? Or how he and his family snow people into believing you have to pay him to get the West End vote?

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