It’s Friday and Time to Slack Completely Off

Greg Fischer said yesterday that no one in the middle class wants to live downtown in something that doesn’t cost a million bucks. Apparently somebody needs to clue Greg in ASAP? Gill Holland? Somebody? Because that’s some horse shiz. [Mayoral Forum Thingy]

Larry Hausman is kicking off his congressional campaign on Monday the 25th, 11:00 A.M., Bowman Field Airport Terminal. [Press Release]

Not surprisingly, your hometown newspaper thinks it’s fine and dandy to prey on the emotions of consumers by using Haiti to make a buck. Guess it’s no worse than a non-profit having overhead costs. Though, it’d be just as easy for a business to donate a portion of proceeds rather than use a disaster to to pull in profits. [C-J]

Yesterday President Barack Obama announced the Presidential Citizens Medal. Get all the details and watch the video at the link. [White House]

Jefferson County PVA Tony Lindauer wants to know what you think. [Take The Survey]

How sad. Somebody jumped to their death from the Heyburn Building yesterday. [C-J]

Fairdale Bigfoot is still running for mayor and he’s got a new advice column this week! Relationship advice time! [Consuming Louisville]

That Jesus Museum in Northern Kentucky is going to be pissed that the Louisville Zoo is about to play host to some robodinos. [WHAS11]

Big news for the corner of Market & Cambell. New restaurant, wine shop. Excitement! [C-J]

Suburban dollars fund urban services but benefits are often shared? [WFPL]

7 thoughts on “It’s Friday and Time to Slack Completely Off

  1. I didn’t attend the forum…too busy developing my moderately priced residential projects on Fourth St. and Main St. for the middle class.

  2. I was there an didn’t catch the comment by Fischer.

    Truth be told I thought he did the best of any of the candidates, and many others I’ve spoken with felt the same way.

    Oh well.

  3. I listed to the entire thing, and I felt that Fischer fumbled the first question, by not answering it and basically blithering. Otherwise, his positions were somewhat acceptable.

    I have to say that even though I don’t support him, Thieneman gave me the most food for thought and impressed me with his unusual calm — I hope he keeps it up, so he can make it a real race between himself and Heiner.

    My favored candidate Tyler Allen held his own and I think anyone listening would be kind of off their rocker to call him a “dark horse” in this race. He left the impression that he understood the complexity of many of the issues, and isn’t a one-trick pony, as many might think.

    I was impressed by Heiner’s vehemence about “living in Frankfort” during legislative sessions, but I don’t think that this is realistic. This city is too busy for our mayor to spend that much time away from the city’s business.

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