Glenda Bradshaw Files for County Attorney

Democrat Glenda Bradshaw will file to run for Jefferson County Attorney today at 3:00 P.M. Bradshaw, a decorated prosecutor and former director of the Criminal Division for the County Attorney’s Office, is expected to draw a large crowd of support (from those I’ve spoken to – tons of prominent locals).

“After much encouragement and wide-spread support from community, business, legal, and civic leaders, I am pleased to announce that I will answer the call to service by filing to run for the Democratic nomination for County Attorney.” announced Bradshaw.

Some background

  • Graduate of UofL’s Brandeis School of Law
  • First worked as a prosecutor and then in the Office of the General Counsel for the Corrections Cabinet
  • Became a prosecutor in the Commonwealth Attorney’s office in 1988, later became division chief of the major offense unit, narcotics unit and domestic violence unit
  • Joined County Attorney’s office in 1993 working as an Assistant County Attorney. She was later promoted to Division Chief of the Domestic Violence Unit
  • Left retirement in 2001 to serve as director of the Criminal Division

8 thoughts on “Glenda Bradshaw Files for County Attorney

  1. Did you forget the bullet point about being uncermoniously fired? Or was that after the “read more” link… Oh wait, there wasn’t one…

  2. Huh? I can’t help thinking that you are just running for this because you got fired. I mean, really, how can we regular people think anything else? You answered the “call to service”?? Why didn’t you answer the “call to service” when you were employed there? Again, what else can we regular plebs think? (1) You were fired — —– (2) from the county attorneys office – (3) for not doing your job and now you want to get your job back by —– running for office????. Indeed, politics is queer…..

  3. Sooooooo, how can this not be retaliation for getting fired. Let’s see: I serve the people of Jefferson county by getting fired, but I think I deserve to get my job back because my boss yelled at me for not doing my job, so I am going to try to get my job back (which I deserve) so I can sit in the county attorney’s office again and not do my job serving the people of Jefferson County. Yeah, You got my vote, crazy lady.

  4. This most certainly isn’t a joke or just an attempt to get back at anyone. I have been the Director of Criminal Division in the County Attorneys office for the past nine years. I have the experience and I believe I can run the office better the Mike OConnell. Please visit my website and review my resume, and testimonials and you will see that I have taken my 30 years of service to this community very seriously.

  5. Glenda Bradshaw DID do her job. It’s Mike O’Connell that isn’t doing his. He, and his team of attorneys in the Child Support Office closed my open collection case against a deadbeat that owes me over $38,000 based on an email purportedly sent by me. When my private attorney and I protested Mike O’Connell called me a liar among other choice names. He said the deadbeat is not using phony social security numbers to avoid paying. I have documented proof. One of those documents is a Jeff. Co. Circuit Court Conviction. Daddy Deadbeat was asked for his social security number in 2000. The number on that conviction is not his. Well only the last 4 of the 9 digit social is his. I have a credit report with two other numbers not his. O’Connell is helping a deadbeat beat the system.

  6. If you people will do your background research on Glenda Bradshaw you will find this was not her fault. As many people have said ,she was railroaded out for some other persons gain.

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