9 thoughts on “Courier-Journal Has No Web Editor?

  1. I don’t mind these kind of things at all–obvious typos where fingers just didn’t hit the keys in right order. What I hate are obvious misspellings–esp. on those damn crawls on local newscasts. I find the crawls themselves annoying, and spelling the words wrong just adds insult to injury.

  2. I’m sure there’s a joke about a lot of the best of most things involving “pubic” – but I wouldn’t know what that joke would be.

  3. What bugs me are the typos in some of the “classified ads” mentioned on the “Headlines” segment of the Jay Leno show. It is obvious that the problem is on most of these is that the ad was called in, and the person taking the ad knew nothing about the subject being mentioned. Why don’t these people verify the spelling?

    I still remember a speech at college freshman orientation where the speaker stated that if you want to appear intelligent, know how to spell “separate.” You can remember it by the phrase “See Pa rate with the woman next door.” Then he said “there, that’s worth a year’s tuition costs.” — My college did not charge tuition at the time!

  4. It is yet another fine example of how you do more work with fewer people and buy the Gannett lie that it doesn’t impact the product. Great work from John Mura’s department.

  5. In defense of the C-J… I hear most everybody there is now doing three times the work they were doing a year ago. Gannett has apparently pushed the work of multiple papers on the folks at Broadway.

  6. Yes, that’s correct Jake. They are now copy editing and designing two other papers there. So, these silly errors aren’t totally unexpected. Too bad, though. But you’re right. I don’t think they DO have a web editor.

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