Another University of Louisville Scandal Brewing?

I hear through the gayvine that another scandal is brewing at the University of Louisville.

The Office of University Advancement, Southeast Region, is… um… rather sticky these days. Tons of staff were apparently “asked to leave” and some sort of investigation is under way.

Who wants to spill the beans? I’m all ears (huge ones since the weight loss – makes it easier to listen).

8 thoughts on “Another University of Louisville Scandal Brewing?

  1. “Newly Endowed School at UofL”

    It’s called the Cardinal School of Scandal–and should rapidly become the largest on campus.

  2. Don’t forget the S. Lovely- Council of Government organization and the Bluegrass Airport mess. I feel sure that someting will roll out of Mayor Mc Cheeses administration before he is all said and done.

  3. The University Advancement office is VERY poorly managed. The leadership is bleak (if not at the very top, then the second tier). Who knows what’s really going on there. They can’t seem to hire anyone and have had 3 ED spots empty for a long time.

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