Another Mayoral Labor Endorsement Update

Turns out Building & Trades decided not to endorse in the mayoral race.

Guess AFSCME isn’t going it alone.

I hear from Greg Fischer’s campaign staffers that everybody – stemming from Larry Clark – is furious/bewildered. Clark was rumored to be yelling at the meeting this morning because he was so upset that an entire union refused to be forced by his hand.

8 thoughts on “Another Mayoral Labor Endorsement Update

  1. I spoke with several members of the metro FOP who advised that the FOP (614) plans to hear from each candidate, decide on IF they want support anyone.

    IF they decide, then they will be very public with that decision.

    I can almost guarantee that it wont be King or Tandy, who both have shown almost public contempt for police and fire until they started their campaigns.

  2. Maybe these candidates should try campaigning and letting the people of Louisville know how they’re more qualified and different the other candidates. Make some campaign promises. At least put up some Youtube videos or something. Being a rich banker, representative or a council member isn’t necessarily the experience you need to run a city. The last thing this city needs is another unqualified big talker career politician.

  3. I’ve always found that businesses are labeled as evil for funding campaigns and endorsing candidates, but labor union money is not only allowed, but bragged about.

  4. I totally agree with Steve Magruder’s comment:
    “Shouldn’t the organizations give all the candidates the opportunity to make their pitches directly before even considering endorsing? Enough with these back-room deals.”

    What kind of organizations endorse a candidate before even hearing what the other candidates have to say? Come on Louisville, we can do better than that!

  5. Sorry Steve, your typical leftist response doesn’t hold water. I am stated that special interests are special interests. I guess you are the arbitrator of what is seen in a negative light or not.

    You feel special interests are anything you don’t agree with and anything you do is just fine.

    I’m just saying that if you allow one interest group over another, you should allow them all, and if you ban certain interest groups, you should ban them all.

    You can have it either way and be fair, but you just want to ban the money from groups you disagree with.

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