Just How Frozen Are We This Thursday Morning?

Chris Thieneman should be wary of Kentucky’s campaign finance law if he wants to pass the smell test. [The ‘Ville Voice]

The University of Louisville’s winter commencement ceremony is set for December 17. [Press Release]

Ford is considering Louisville for an investment of $300 to $500 million to assemble advanced batteries and electric/hybrid electric cars if Michigan denies tax credits. [C-J]

Parking wars in Louisville are heating up. When will the reality series come here? [Phillip Bailey]

Listen to the story of Steve Beshear marking the midpoint of his gubernatorial term. [WFPL]

Watch a video of the Charlie Strong press conference. [C-J]

Doug Hawkins’ head is exploding because Jerry got his way with the firemenz. [WFPL]

Mayor McCheese plans to meet with small business owners today at 10:00 A.M. at Metro Hall to discuss job creation ideas. But the press isn’t allowed in until 11:20. Not exactly the openness and transparency required in government. [Press Release]

If Chris Thieneman isn’t trying to gain politically from Wayside-JCTCS, then why is he just cold forwarding emails exchanged with JCTCS officials to a certain member of the media without JCTCS knowledge? [Julie & Ellen]

The 13th installment of mayoral candidate Fairdale Bigfoot has hit the internets. Advice on holiday parties and the end of the world in 2012. [Consuming Louisville]