John Yarmuth Drawing New Opponent

Looks like there’s going to be another Republican throwing his hat into the Congressional ring.

Jeff Reetz, according to those in the know, plans to announce his candidacy as early as tomorrow.

Reetz, a native of Wisconsin, moved to Louisville in 2000 when he purchased 25 Pizza Hut locations in the area. According to his unannounced website, he’s a lifelong Republican who is misrepresenting the facts when it comes to health care reform.

He also says on his site that we have to reduce our debt, remain safe and maintain the Bill of Rights. But he mentions no specifics. He devotes an entire section of his website to small business rehashing the typical talking points with no real solutions or alternatives to what he disagrees with.

This is going to be fun. Marilyn Parker. Todd Lally. Larry Hausman. Bob DeVore. Now this guy. (For the record: we hear Reetz is a genuinely nice guy)

UPDATE: For those interested, he’s the owner of 2JR Pizza Enterprises, LLC.