It’s Tuesday Morning & You’re Not Really Working

Since it’s really still holiday time and everybody in an office is just sitting around on YouTube or reading Cheezburger, posting will be light today and tomorrow. Because why not! It’s the holidays.

WHAS11 has the most unintentionally hilarious Twitter line of the week. Something about getting tough on bad bears. Heh. Yes, I went there. [The Twitter Machine]

Banned by Humana? Must be all those offensive mentions of things like coffee or delicious treats. [Consuming Louisville]

Wayside finally got the title to its hotel on Broadway. [Sheldon Shafer]

Fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them here has turned out to be some dangerous bunk. [LEO’s FatLip]

This story about Daniel Mongiardo has his campaign in an uproar for some reason. But the campaign has refused to say why or provide additional information. [Page One]

All the more reason Kentucky needs comprehensive tax reform. Maybe some day Governor Beshear will wake up to that reality instead of poo-pooing something so hugely popular with the entire Commonwealth. [H-L]

Flying right now can be kind of a headache and totally confusing. Have you flown lately? What was your experience? [Huffington Post]

Ruh ro: It’s top albums of 2009 time. [Backseat Sandbar]