It’s Time to Wake Up to Some Time Wasters

Something about this “green” development in Las Vegas doesn’t smell quite right. But it’s marvelous to look at. [Fast Company]

It won’t top Louisville’s green movement of redeveloping old, neglected properties. Speaking of such, the Green Building Gallery will host Gibbs Rounsavall’s ‘Unearth the Divine’ beginning Friday. [Green Building Gallery]

Want a gift this holiday season that was actually aboard the Titanic? Try this lump of coal. It’s just gimmicky enough to lure us in with mega geek points. [Louisville Science Center]

Flashback: Kentucky still has the longest HIV/AIDS drug waiting list in the United States. But the governor and state government work hard every day to ignore that fact. [John Cheves]

Just in case you missed the story of the McMahan fire chief allegedly mishandling funds and using crews for his own errands. [C-J]

Yesterday Hal Heiner visited the mayor of Indianapolis to learn about that city’s business successes. A statement from his campaign says that Heiner “helped bring and keep 5,000 jobs to the Louisville region” (region = code for “not inside Louisville”) prior to serving in government. Unfortunately, the statement doesn’t mention that he moved all of those jobs to Indiana. But the Heiner camp isn’t running from the fact that the jobs were in Indiana, which I have to admit is admirable and mostly honesty– strain for a campaign. [Press Release]

The University of Louisville is offering tips on stress relief during the holidays. Surprisingly, they don’t mention bourbon or anything, you know, scandalous. What the crap, UofL! [Press Release]

PEE ALERT PEE ALERT: Obama Tells Nation He’s Going Out For Cigarettes. [The Onion]